Apply fixed thermal imaging to ensure your heated car seats score 100% on quality inspections

The automotive industry features one the most sophisticated–and increasingly complex–supply chains in manufacturing. For newer components, such as heated car seats, strict quality requirements ensure that manufactured materials and systems result in a car that is both safe and comfortable to drive.

Meeting these requirements can be time consuming and, if done incorrectly, can waste valuable production time later in the process; but it doesn’t have to. Fixed thermal imaging is a cost-effective, easy-to-implement way for suppliers to ensure parts are delivered to OEMs with a 100% quality inspection.

Keep your OEM partnership in tact

Because newer components, like heated car seats, are becoming more popular, manufacturers are beginning to hone in on their production efficiency and yield improvement for these products. However, to meet stringent quality requirements, manufacturers must slow down their process to thoroughly evaluate each car seat.

Without these evaluations, defective seats could move downstream–potentially reaching the OEM or, eventually, the end customer–where you run the risk of damaging your partnership with the OEM.

Test product instantly

Monitoring heated car seat temperatures is not new, however, and heated car seat manufacturers have several methods to test if product is within acceptable parameters. Manufacturers will often utilize thermocouples, which, while useful, can be inefficient at detecting areas that are either too hot or not heating up properly across the entire seat.

With fixed thermal imaging, users can test products on the production line, instantly visualize temperature distribution, and fix problems before a defective product moves further down the production line.

See the whole picture

In addition to visualizing temperature distribu­tion, fixed thermal imaging allows your team to set up multiple Areas of Interest (AOIs), which can easily identify where an out of range temperature might indicate a bad part. Automatic snapshots, meanwhile, give operators the ability to quickly troubleshoot faulty locations, as well as access archived photos of failed parts for future trend analysis. Project loading through digital inputs also helps completely automate the inspection process for different parts being produced.

Our ThermoView solution also integrates with your existing control systems through industry standard I/O modules and a comprehensive soft­ware package. Plus, when the inevitable question does arise, our global support team is here to help guide you back to production with an in-line and continuous quality monitoring system.


When manufacturing heated car seats, attaining a 100% qual­ity inspection is crucial in ensuring bad product doesn’t reach the OEM or the customer. Current tests can be a hamper on your time and production costs; but they don’t have to be. The ThermoView solution offers automotive suppliers a cost effec­tive, easy to implement, and 100% confident quality inspection system for heated car seat monitoring.

Are you ready to take control of your process? Learn more about the ThermoView TV40 here.

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