Arduino based DIO-CONTROLLER for 99.5 GBP

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The controller board is designed for building compact applications using the standard Arduino tools and libraries. We supply in addition libraries for the on-board I/O’s.

Optional are RF libraries for 433 / 868 MHz modules

Technical details

  • Atmel Mega 2560 CPU
  • 12 digital inputs on terminals
  • 12 digital outputs on terminals
  • 2 UART TTL level on pins
  • 1 UART for debugging
  • CPU TTL interface on-board for extension of 4 dig in / 4 dig out or 4 analogue in
  • Optional 433 MHz/ 868 MHz RF module uses one UART port
  • Power supply 24 VDC

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WIOLINK—Wireless Interface Controller

Operating Modes

  • Standalone controller board
  • Intelligent control mode—”Szabo Standard Communication Library” (SZCOMLIB) (optional)
  • Point to Point (optional)
  • RF based cable replacement. Link configured operating mode to enable 2 x WDIO controllers to control 12 remote signals over an RF link. No software or configuration required.
  • Master/ Slave (optional)
  • 1 x Master DWIO Controller broadcasting 12 x inputs to up to 254 x 12 outputs.
  • Time sliced input collection from up to 254 DWIO devices with data states presented on master outputs in a time sliced fashion.



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