Solutions for the Processing Industry

RMIG is one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of perforated metal. Drawing on decades of skill and experience, RMIG has cultivated a reputation for expert development, rapid supply and unmatched customer service.
RMIG has a long history behind it, having first been set up by a young German man named Richard Müller. By 1901, the toolmaker set up his own business, specialising in tool production and materials production, eventually introducing metal perforation in 1906.

Today, RMIG stands as the world’s largest perforation company with significant experience in the chemical, pharmaceutical, paper and offshore industries to name a few. The company offers a wide selection of perforation ranging from small, high precision perforation in thin materials to large holes in thick sheets. RMIG has an extensive choice of different perforation patterns and different metal materials, whether it be carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium or aluminium.

Contact RMIG on the number below or go to the company website for more information on products, solutions and services.
T: 01925 839 610

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