For a long time, customers of Heskins have been asking them to make a thicker anti slip material for their application needs.

In early 2015, Heskins decided to begin production of thick Safety Grip™. Measuring 2mm in depth, it is over double the thickness of Heskins regular Safety Grip™ tape, with additional thickness due to the adhesive applied on the underside.

The reason behind the high demand for Heskins to create thick Safety Grip™ is their customers need for anti slip tape to be placed in recesses on flooring and stairs, as not only does this provide industrial grade slip prevention, but also removes potential trip hazards. Another reason was to obtain slip prevention that has also had great cushioning properties, to ensure staff and visitors, who were standing in designated areas with hard floors made from concrete of steel for long periods would not experience leg fatigue so quickly, providing them with a comfortable, cushioned surface to walk or stand on.

Application for boats has also proved very popular, with the thickness, again, helping to reduce leg fatigue, as well as the surface, grade between Heskins standard and coarse anti slip tapes, that provides exceptional slip prevention.

Heskins production equipment has had to go through some careful and precise modifications to accommodate large-scale production of thick Safety Grip™ tape. This ensured that the material cuts easily, and allow the finished product to have the same level of quality that is apparent throughout Heskins anti slip products.

Heskins can supply thick Safety Grip™ in cut pieces or rolls ranging from 20mm to 1170mm in width, and up to 18.3 metres in length.

If you would like to know more, or place an order, you can do so by contacting Heskins today.









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