Are You Paying Too Much For Refurbishment Of Your Rotary Valves?

As well as supplying new rotary, diverter and special application valves, Rota Val is an experienced spares and refurbishment provider, we will also refurbish valves not manufactured by us.

With over 45 years of experience, our technical knowledge and expertise surpasses any third part service provider.


We can supply a full range of spares at competitive prices to include:-

Rotors, Ring Lanterns, Drive Chain & Connection Links, Sprockets, Bush-Taper-Locks, Bearings, Nut-Bearings, Washer-Tabs, Gland Packing, Replacement Blades

If there is something you need it is likely we can help


Rota Val offers off-site refurbishment, our team is backed by decades of experience and offers a highly competitive schedule of rates.  Our factory features space to specifically carry out refurbishments and when finished your old valve will look brand new.  This includes:-

Replacement Seals, Replacement Bearings, Replacement Drive Components, Cleaning, Painting

Get in touch with Rota Val Spares & Refurbishments today and see how we can save you down time and money

T:  01249 651138





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