Are you ready to ship under ISPM15 regulations?

For any UK business shipping goods within the EU, the latest changes to regulations will be a vital consideration. Wooden packaging, including pallets, must now meet ISPM15 standards when being shipped.

This regulation ensures pallets have been treated to eradicate pests and are then stamped to reinforce this action has been carried out. While demand and prices for these types of compliant pallets will be on the rise, there are alternatives to consider.

The best alternative to Wooden Pallets, is Plastic Pallets. Plastic Pallets completely avoid the

ISPM15 regulations, are more hygienic and reliable, and making the switch now will minimize

any potential disruption to your supply chain now that these regulations have come into effect.

While switching to Plastic will keep you compliant, Plastic Pallets also offer a whole host of other

benefits such as being lightweight & easy to handle, space saving, environmentally friendly,

consistent in size and strength, easy to clean and they provide an improved return on investment

over time.

At Exporta, we have over 100 years of combined industry experience for you to tap in to, ensuring you get the most from your shipping operation.  We’re here to help you Move It, Store It and Secure It.

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