CERATIZIT offers premium carbide solutions for the food industry

Today more than ever food is a matter of trust. This places high demands on the tools and materials used in food production. The hard material specialists of the Luxembourg-based CERATIZIT Group respond to the food industry’s requirements in terms of geometry, food safety and hygiene, and offer tailor-made premium solutions based on FDA-certified carbide grades that cover a wide variety of applications and are notable for their performance and durability.

Tailor-made carbide solutions for direct food processing

Machines and applications in the food industry vary from customer to customer. At the same time, applications like crushing, grinding, cutting, mixing and homogenisation make different demands on the material. This is why all of the CERATIZIT Group’s carbide solutions for the direct processing of food are tailor-made, using optimised grades that cover the entire pH scale. With a view to first-class customer service, CERATIZIT’s extensive knowledge of materials and applications enables the company to help its customers find optimal carbide solutions for each individual case. This includes support from the experts in selecting the right grade and geometry.

The wide range of carbide solutions includes crushers that are used in cocoa shelling machines, valve components for the homogenization of milk and other liquids under high pressure, spray nozzles for the production of instant coffee and milk powder, different crushing and milling segments, kneaders for extruders (screw and polygon elements), highly wear-resistant and precise water-jet nozzles for the cutting of food, blades for cutting meat and bones, exceptionally wear-resistant components for processing frozen food as well as plungers for high-pressure pasteurisation.

Performance and durability in a league of its own

A decisive advantage of carbide components is their high performance and long service life, making carbide the material of choice for direct food processing. It is an extremely hard material, characterised by high wear resistance and high hot hardness. Compared to steel and other materials, carbide improves the quality of tools and components, gives them a longer service life and ensures that processes are safe and reliable. The long service life cuts costs drastically by reducing downtime and greatly increasing machine utilisation. This ultimately results in reduced costs for the production and storage of critical spare parts.

FDA-certified grades

As safety is paramount, particularly in food production, the CERATIZIT Group’s carbide grades for the food industry are certified to be entirely non-hazardous for use with food. This has been confirmed by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which has included the grades in the ‘Inventory of Effective Food Contact Substance (FCS) Notifications’. On top of the FDA certification, these grades are also highly resistant to detergents and easy to clean, making them ideal for the high hygienic standards that apply to food processing.

Hard material competence beyond solid carbide

Most of the CERATIZIT Group’s products for the food industry are made of solid carbide, the leading material for wear resistance and toughness. They guarantee stable production processes and maximum tool life. However, the Group’s expertise in hard materials is not limited to the production of carbide solutions. To respond even better to customer requirements, CERATIZIT additionally offers ceramic parts (silicon nitride) as well as composite components made of carbide and steel. For these grades too, non-hazardousness, quality and durability are the top priorities.

Leading knowledge along the entire production chain

The hard material expertise of the CERATIZIT Group is based on more than 95 years of experience in products and applications, as well as a worldwide production and sales network with over 30 production sites and more than 50 sales subsidiaries. In addition to that, CERATIZIT is one of the few carbide manufacturers to manage the entire process chain from the ore to the finished product. This broad and in-depth knowledge of each step of the production chain, backed up by the company’s vast application expertise, guarantees consistently excellent carbide quality.

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