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Here at Tente Castors we understand that safety is key when it comes to your employees and your products. For over 90 years our family run business has worked tirelessly to improve the invention that keeps mankind mobile, the wheel. As one of the leading manufacturers of wheels and castors with a variety of products available for industries including medical, institutional, heavy duty and industrial, we ensure all of our products are produced to the highest standards.With the element of safety in mind we developed the innovative Deadman Brake, an award winning product which holds the Interzum High Product Quality Award of 2013. We designed this castor to be locked by default. Therefore it can only be moved when the brake is consciously released, this means that the wheel lock is activated permanently and the user has full control over moving the required appliance. The Deadman Brake system improves safety as you cannot forget to activate the brake lever, this is ideal in circumstances where there may be slopes and mobile weight. In a space where everything can move easily – the Deadman Brake brings the reassurance of safety.

Among our comprehensive range of products we also manufacture central locking castors. Not only do we want to help to improve the mobility of heavy loads, we also want to ensure they don’t move when you need them to stay still. Having identified the need to prevent goods weighing several tons from rolling away or being moved by accident, the ingenious mechanism allows you to lock several or all castors simultaneously. We recommend this system when goods are frequently being moved and parked again. Tente’s central locking castors allow the operator to simultaneously stop all castors from moving with a single motion from the foot or hand. With the safety of both staff and your goods in mind, our central locking castors are equipped with various foot protection solutions in order to avoid any injuries.

As well as our central locking castors and the Deadman Brake, we also provide stainless steel castors. We developed these for corrosive type environments, they are rustproof and resistant to moisture, changing temperatures, salt, oil and strong cleaning agents. When used in conjunction with our heat-resistant wheels, the stainless steel castors are particularly suitable for special applications, such as bakeries. Due to the strict hygiene regulations that apply to the catering industry, castors must be washable and unaffected by cleaning. We have also designed our castors to withstand the heat of the oven as well as the freezing temperatures of the cold store.

Our popular, free of charge CAD service could prove to be useful for you. This service allows you to download our 3D castor and wheel drawings via our website to incorporate into your designs for new machinery. We have a comprehensive catalogue of products on our website alongside simple search facilities and detailed product information, you can visit our website at www.tente.com or you can call our team on 01733 578111 with any enquiries.

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