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HEAD10 ESCAPE SET is a short duration, chemical oxygen breathing device, which is intended for a single emergency use, in areas of:

  • Smoke
  • Toxic contamination and
  • Oxygen deficiency
  • Potentially explosive atmospheres (when supplied in a carry case)


  • Major cost savings over competitors as once purchased, no additional maintenance costs for 15 years.


  • Lightweight, 10 minute, hooded chemical oxygen set offering for user a simple, effective and safe means of escape.


  • Faster and easier to don than other equipment


  • Automatic start up increases escape time


  • Ease of movement as there are no cumbersome cylinders


  • Built in, 3 stage audible alarm system


  • Clear panoramic visor for excellent field of vision


  • Clear voice communication


  • Storage integrity indicator for constant visual awareness of the unit’s condition


  • Training equipment and course available


  • The apparatus has been designed and tested in accordance with EN 13794, DIN 58639 and DIN 58652-1 where applicable, to demonstrate compliance with the essential safety requirements with EC Directive 89/686/EEC.


HEAD10 is available in the following options;

HEAD10 CC – Carry Case


HEAD10 WM – Wall Mounted


Product configurations

Head10 in Wall Mounted Box
Size: 310 x 210 x 160                    Weight: 3.3 kg
Head10 in Carry Bag
Size: 330 x 200 x 170                    Weight: 2.4 kg


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