Hydra-Cell Excels in Zero Liquid Discharge

The addition of super duplex stainless steel to the range of liquid head materials available now enables Hydra-Cell G15 pumps to manage the tough-to-handle waste waters processed in ‘zero liquid discharge (ZLD) systems.

As water becomes an ever more expensive commodity, industrial, oil, chemical and petrochemical companies are increasingly turning to ZLD systems, minimizing wastewater discharge and maximising water recovery.Frequently these wastewaters have high levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and many contain particulate matter that can cause severe wear in pumps with tight tolerances and rapidly degrade seals. Having no tight tolerances and no dynamic seals to wear, Hydra-Cell pumps are proving to be ideal for this application.

Many of these waste streams have a high chloride content, which causes rapid corrosion, even within stainless steel pumps. Because of the way the Hydra-Cell pump is designed, it has only been necessary to incorporate 2507 Super Duplex liquid ends (manifolds and valve plates) in order to overcome this potential corrosion problem. A plunger or piston pump would require substantial modification of many components in order to overcome such a corrosion threat.

Hydra-Cell pumps meet the pressure requirements of membrane filtration systems and concentrators while requiring little in the way of maintenance.

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