E+E Hand-held Meter for Moisture Content of Industrial Oils

(Engerwitzdorf, 21.10.2014) The new hand-held meter OILPORT 30 from E+E Elektronik accurately measures the water activity (aw) and temperature (T), and calculates the absolute water content x (ppm) of industrial oils. The user can store up to ten sets of oil specific parameters in the hand-held to be used for correct calculations of the water content in various oils. The large touch screen display and intuitive navigation menu ensure comfortable operation of the OILPORT 30. With the data logging function, the measured values can be stored in the device and are available through the USB interface for further processing. The user can easily perform 1 or 2 point adjustments of aw and T, and use the OILPORT 30 as a reference for checking other measurement devices in the field.

The short oil probe with OILPORT 30 is ideal for measurements in oil samples, while in-line monitoring can be carried out with the pressure-tight probe (up to 20 bar/300 psi). Together with the optional ball valve, the pressure-tight oil probe can be installed and removed without interruption of the oil flow.

The OILPORT 30 is delivered in a hard shell carrying case which accommodates the hand-held device, probe, an optional humidity calibration kit, and accessories.


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