Avoid downtime – with CSE and REMBE, the ideal pressure relief for your process

The CSE Institute, under the leadership of Professor Jürgen Schmidt, will support your operations as an independent consultant – from safety-related observations, risk as well as the worst-case scenario analysis, through to the assessment of existing safety concepts, all the way up to the design and dimensioning of equipment parts with safety functions (including safety fittings). The cooperation between REMBE and CSE has been active for several years and you can therefore rest assured that we will implement exactly the results and recommended actions from CSE.

REMBE and CSE will also provide you with support for the design of your process. The CSE Sizing Service will calculate and determine the ideal safety concept for your system. As a solution, you will be provided with a design and evaluation of the safety devices, as well as customized and customer-specific safety reports or expert opinions. REMBE will provide you with precisely the right products and support, if necessary, as well as installation and maintenance.

You can benefit from the REMBE & CSE cooperation and work with the crème de la crème of the German process safety industry! For optimum system safety, reliable pressure relief, and minimal downtime!

For more information on CSE Engineering, please visit http://cse-engineering.de/

REMBE can be reached at www.rembe.de

Do you have a specific concern? Contact the right contact person directly:

Dr. Stefan Rüsenberg
stefan.ruesenberg@rembe.de, Tel. +49 2961 7405-148

Prof. Jürgen Schmidt
juergen.schmidt@cse-institut.de, Tel. +49 721 6699 4780


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