Babcock Wanson Wins Process Heating Order For Fibre & Yarn Company

A long standing Babcock Wanson customer, Drake Extrusion has been using a small steam generator since 2001 and a thermal fluid heater, both built by Babcock Wanson, plus 16 electric thermal fluid heaters supplied as part of the yarn processing equipment. Whilst still operational, this equipment is reaching the end of its natural life providing Drake with the opportunity to upgrade to modern, more efficient equipment and save substantial energy costs.

Two Babcock Wanson TPC1000B gas fired Thermal Fluid Heaters have been installed in their place, with each heat user having a secondary circuit to ensure the correct design thermal flow rate and temperature, which varies from 100 to 280°C. This will allow Drake to reduce fuel costs by replacing electrical heating with natural gas and will also free up space within the factory as the 16 separate heaters located around the factory along with much of the pipe work will be removed.

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