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Make Measurement Matter

You are invited to attend the GTMA “Make Measurement Matter 2014” Roadshow. Following the resounding success of previous events, this year the Roadshow will be held on 16th October in the DW Sports & Fitness Lounge, at Wigan Athletic Football Club’s DW Stadium

Babcock Wanson Wins Process Heating Order For Fibre & Yarn Company

A long standing Babcock Wanson customer, Drake Extrusion has been using a small steam generator since 2001 and a thermal fluid heater, both built by Babcock Wanson, plus 16 electric thermal fluid heaters supplied as part of the yarn processing equipment. Whilst still operational, this equipment is reaching the end of its natural life providing Drake with the opportunity to upgrade to modern, more efficient equipment and save substantial energy costs.

Elcomponent’s Energy Pro Provides Accurate Measurement for High-Efficiency Cooling.

ebm-papst are world leaders in supplying high-efficiency fans and motors to OEM markets in HVAC, IT, Industrial and Domestic markets. They are also involved in the upgrade market,assisting their customers to reduce both costs and carbon emissions by changing existing AC fans to new more efficient EC technology.

Hydra-Cell® T80 Series Pumps meet API 674

The World’s First API 674 Triplex, Single Head Diaphragm Pump

After an in-depth evaluation of the Hydra-Cell T-Series pumps range, Wanner International is now able to offer three Hydra-Cell pump models that comply with API 674, 3rd Edition December 2010, the standard that covers the minimum requirements for reciprocating positive displacement pumps for use in service in the petroleum, chemical, and gas industries. 

How to eliminate 20.8% of all rotating equipment failures?

A major study into equipment reliability has shown 52% of bearing failures are caused by bearing oil, contamination and these failures account for 20.8% of all rotating equipment failure. LabTecta®66 with its dynamic lift technology helps eliminate these issues.


BSRIA member Klimatec who specialise in the installation, service and maintenance of all types of air conditioning systems, have recently purchased 11 Testo 557-3 manifold kits from BSRIA Instrument Solutions.

Klimatec who are recognised by their customers as providing a first class service demand the same from their suppliers, which is why they have chosen BSRIA Instrument Solutions as their preferred supplier for their instrumentation purchases.


Introducing AmberTech MSM, a revolutionary range of high performance lubricants made using unique bio-based technology. Developed in the USA, it is used by a cross-section of industries from farming, mining, transport to wind farms. Numerous scientific and real-life tests demonstrate its superior ability to reduce friction which decreases energy use,

The smallest VGA-resolution infrared camera worldwide

Thermal imaging camera optris® PI 640 records radiometric video imagery at an optical resolution of 640×480 pixels

Right now, the newly developed thermal imager optris® PI 640 is the smallest VGA-resolution infrared camera worldwide.  After the optris® PI Lightweight last year, Optris GmbH presents the next novelty in the online thermal imaging market for the second year running

New Webinar Shares Simple Solutions for Fast In-Process Control

Traditional methods for in-process control and end-of-line control use electrical resistance, optical imaging, spectrometry, light beam and mechanical sizing. It wasn’t until recently that weighing technology was used in spot-checking mode to increase reliability.

Comprehensive Checklists and Mobile Solutions from the UK No 1 Maintenance System – Pirana CMMS from Shire Systems

The new version of Pirana allows the creation of multi-subject work orders. You can now produce a single work order that covers multiple assets. This approach is commonly referred to as a ‘checklist’ work order and it is very useful if you have a fixed set of assets that you always deal with at the same time


Bell Packaging Limited have launched a new mini tube range to support the expanding standard sizes.  New tooling has been completed for Injection Moulded End Caps using the standard push fit and patented Jetlok® designs.

Available in minimum orders of 2,500 packs the tubes are supplied packed flat making shipping and storage very economic. The end caps can be moulded in most colours.

AOD®=Price Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

AOD® Air Operated Diaphragm Pump –Flow Rates 3.5 L/hour to 50 m3/hour

  • Stall-Free Design- Our “Posi-Shift” tandem spool air distribution valve insures reliable operation in all types of low pressure and start/stop applications. Fewer parts and no O-rings, result in easier maintenance.
  • Oil-less operation- No metal to metal wearing surfaces. State-of-the-Art materials and precision manufacturing techniques combine to provide the original and completely oil-less design.

BRG Developments Ltd

Out sourcing machining and fabrication work?
Not getting what you’re paying for?
Poor quality?
Here is the answer

Munters win prestigious Health and Safety Award

The Food Storage and Distribution Federation (FSDF) announced new annual awards which recognise excellence in health and safety. The judges looked for an innovative approach, good prospects for wider application and cost-effective deployment prospects throughout the food storage and distribution industry at large.

New 3.3V 20×4 display with DOUBLE HEIGHT characters

MMS Electronics Ltd has available an exceptionally versatile line of alphanumeric and graphic displays for use in industrial and commercial applications. The latest addition to the 1×8, 2×16 and 3×16 popular DOG display family is the new 4×20 (line x char) EA DOGM204-A high-contrast easy-to-read STN and FSTN display. Double height character mode can be selected for the display to function as a 2×20 or 3×20 (line x char.

Energy Harvesting Sensor for High Current Distribution Systems

Continuous temperature monitoring of switch cabinets and high current distribution systems

With the new energy-autonomous sensor mNODE, the Freiburg energy harvesting specialist company Micropelt can equip new and existing switchgear with continuous temperature monitoring, significantly increasing the safety and availability of the systems. Micropelt’s energy harvesting technology makes this wireless sensor solution possible. The mNODE temperature sensor powers itself from the alternating electric field of the current-carrying conductor. 


A new knee pad for pocketed work trousers which incorporates a unique ‘direction of force’ design that crucially protects the wearer’s knees and the rest of the body from the potential dangers of impact through continuous kneeling, has been introduced by Redbacks Cushioning Limited.

Ball sector valve from Schubert & Salzer Control Systems

Wide range of uses thanks to outstanding control characteristics

The type 4040 ball sector valve is used everywhere where conventional valves break down under severe operating conditions. They are ideal for providing precise control and the safe shut-off of difficult media, such as

  • abrasive suspensions of ores, coal or ash,
  • pasty media,
  • effluents contaminated with solids or containing fibrous matter,
  • suspensions in the pulp and paper industry,
  • alkalis and acids,
  • oils, and
  • oxygen, air or gaseous ammonia.