Hydra-Cell® T80 Series Pumps meet API 674

The World’s First API 674 Triplex, Single Head Diaphragm Pump

After an in-depth evaluation of the Hydra-Cell T-Series pumps range, Wanner International is now able to offer three Hydra-Cell pump models that comply with API 674, 3rd Edition December 2010, the standard that covers the minimum requirements for reciprocating positive displacement pumps for use in service in the petroleum, chemical, and gas industries. 

Thought to be the only pumps with multiple diaphragms within a single head, that comply with the Standard, Hydra-Cell T-Series pumps have a true seal-less design, eliminating clean-up costs related to leaking seals or packing while protecting operators and the environment from contact with potentially dangerous leaking fluids.

T8030 and T8045 new SS

Hydra-Cell T-Series pumps are reported to offer greatly reduced Life-cycle Costs when compared to plunger pumps, which have a far greater maintenance requirement and single head diaphragm pumps, which are more expensive and less energy efficient.

The high pressure model, Hydra-Cell T8030-S, is rated at 290 bar pressure and 5.0 m3/hr (83.3 l/m) under continuous use conditions, with a flow rate of 5.9 m3/hr (98.3 l/m) during intermittent use.

Two variants of the medium pressure pump are currently offered. The Hydra-Cell T8045-K is rated at 172 bar pressure and 8.6 m3/hr (143.3 l/m)  while the Hydra-Cell T8045-M is rated at 206 bar pressure and 7.4 m3/hr (123.3 l/m), both under continuous use conditions. For intermittent use the flow rate of both models may be increased by some 20% while still meeting the life expectancy requirements of the API standard.

To date, diaphragm pumps meeting API 674 have been cumbersome with separate pump heads and a large footprint. The Hydra-Cell T-Series now combines the seal-less benefits of these pumps with the compact dimensions of a conventional triplex plunger pump.


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