AOD®=Price Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

AOD® Air Operated Diaphragm Pump –Flow Rates 3.5 L/hour to 50 m3/hour

  • Stall-Free Design- Our “Posi-Shift” tandem spool air distribution valve insures reliable operation in all types of low pressure and start/stop applications. Fewer parts and no O-rings, result in easier maintenance.
  • Oil-less operation- No metal to metal wearing surfaces. State-of-the-Art materials and precision manufacturing techniques combine to provide the original and completely oil-less design.
  • No oil misting into the environment
  • No unhealthy work conditions
  • No Oil/ Grease or lubricants to contaminate your products.
  • Oil-Less Design results in lower operating and maintenance costs. This Air Valve design has been Field-Proven, working trouble-free since it’s introduction 20 years ago.
  • Air Valve- The Air-Valve can be quickly and easily maintained with minimal downtime.
  • Quiet operation- Air valve design minimizes exhaust noise providing a significantly quieter work environment.
  1. Stall-free performance- Widest performance envelope-operates on as low as 5 PSI (.35 kg/cm2) and as slow as 1 GPH (3.5 liter/hr). Bulk transfer applications- even dry powder can be handled efficiently. 100% confidence in start/stop batching applications. 100% confidence for “on-demand” dispensing systems. Viscous liquids, paint and inks are efficiently handled. Excellent on low flow chemical injection systems.
  2. Minimal Maintenance- The externally serviceable main spool makes inspection quick and easy. All AOD® models allow simple access to the main spool. There is never a need to take the pump out of service or to disassemble the pump to inspect the main spool. Utilizing the fewest air valve components of any major diaphragm pump manufacturer. The Price Pump Aod® pilot spool provides a continuous high-pressure signal to the main power spool, assuring a positive shift under all operating conditions.

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