Z-LASER launches the 3rd generation of ZM18 machine vision lasers

Freiburg, Germany.After having established the innovative lightning ZM18 machine vision lasers five years ago, Z-LASER now provides even more powerful versions of ZM18 – the ZM18S3, ZM18H3 and ZM18DM53. The new driver electronics will offer significantly improved power stability over the whole temperature range.

The future ZM18H3 series provides a new standard: blue and green emitting laser diodes come now with an Automatic Power Control (APC). A temperature-related performance increase or decrease, as well as degradation over the lifetime can reliably be excluded.

In addition, the well spread ZM18S series, in future called ZM18S3, comes with a higher modulation frequency up to 500kHz (previously 1kHz) and offers a much higher resolution for the intensity adjustment.

In the course of this new revision, even higher optical output power is available. For example, the blue spectrum offers output up to 160mW (405nm) and near-infrared goes up to 200mW (830nm).

Novelties of ZM18:

• ZM18S3: Increase of modulation frequency (TTL) from 1kHz to 500kHz

• ZM18H3: Power stabilized laser with green or blue wavelength

• Increase of maximum optical output up to 200mW

Consult the ZM18x3 series chart to see the complete new features list.


Link to our products section http://www.z-laser.com/en/products/product-subcat/machine-vision-lasers/zm18/

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