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The new version of Pirana allows the creation of multi-subject work orders. You can now produce a single work order that covers multiple assets. This approach is commonly referred to as a ‘checklist’ work order and it is very useful if you have a fixed set of assets that you always deal with at the same time e.g. you could set up a list for a walk-around to check the condition of fire doors. The system gives you two ways to create a multi-subject (checklist) work order. The first way is to create a user-defined list of work subjects (assets) and the other is to automatically generate a list based on shared Asset Category and Location. Another major benefit of the newly improved Pirana is the redesign of how Pirana carries out condition monitoring. Condition checks, instructions and or readings can be setup against the Task and pulled directly onto work orders for scheduled maintenance.

It’s time to move to Pirana CMMS

Getting buy-in for a maintenance management system has always been a challenge for hard-pressed managers but successful companies know how crucial it is to select the right CMMS. Shire CMMS is produced uniquely BY maintenance professionals FOR maintenance professionals. That is why Shire, who have 30 years’ experience, are the UK No 1 provider.

Pirana’s concise asset and location list, allows for an easy-to-use, fully searchable work and asset register to be created in less time with no technical experience required, thus enabling users to track and record data very easily. Shire can also assist organisations even further by offering comprehensive training and expert support backup from industry experts.

Choice of Setup

shire-orange-manPirana CMMS is unique in that it offers two implementation options. It can be installed on an organisations existing IT network or accessed via the web (hosted by Shire).

If you choose the hosted option, Shire hosts the system in a secure data centre, managing the whole service, so securing data preservation and disaster avoidance. You just need a PC, notebook, laptop or mobile with a web browser. For a modest monthly fee, you get a fully functional Computerised Maintenance Management System whilst avoiding all those time-consuming IT hassles. If you’re short on funds, lack IT skills, or just resent IT issues distracting you from core business, it’s the ideal solution. Talk to Shire in the morning and you could be using your system later that day!

The Pirana CMMS interface is incredibly easy to pick up; it’s possible to get started in minutes! The new layout is effortlessly navigated via the quick access icons and it’s possible to boost usability even further by setting customisable components.

Pirana Mobile CMMS

Many traditional CMMS on the market are hard to get to grips with and difficult to use out in the field. Pirana can be used on a Shire eliminates such difficulty by presenting data in a manner that allows users to rapidly find the information they are seeking and to communicate in an effective, timely manner.

Pirana Mobile PRO is an effortlessly simple, yet powerful set of mobile applications for use on or off-line.

With a mobile interface, maintenance teams’ productivity can be maximised. It’s easy to get started. Simply setup users and devices and then your workforce is ready to process work orders on the move. The cost reductions are instant. Huge savings on travel, admin, printing and phone call charges are possible.

Pirana Mobile PRO will work on a variety of devices. Depending on choice, budget and working environment Shire Systems can advise on or supply a range of devices including those that are ruggedised, drop tested, submersible, IP67, ATEX compliant, integral barcode or RFID scanner.

Rich Functionality at an Affordable Price

Besides being supremely easy to use and deploy, Pirana CMMS delivers a full suite of products providing the rich functionality that maintenance managers would expect from a market leader:

  • Fully featured Asset Register
  • Meter Register
  • Preventive Maintenance – Scheduling based on custom triggers, such as meter readings
  • Predictive Maintenance – Fault and breakdown logging
  • Materials – Full inventory of parts, tools and other materials
  • Purchasing control
  • Task Register
  • Request logging – for work orders, purchase orders and quotations
  • Work Scheduling and Control
  • Management KPIs
  • Powerful reporting

Ease of Use is Paramount

WorkRequestShire CMMS solutions offer the fast route to first class CMMS implementation. Being able to use the system ‘straight out of the box’ and from a mobile device or laptop provides true flexibility. The uniquely intuitive interface is easy to navigate using recognisable icons, handy menus and searchable grids. Shire has gone to great lengths to make sure that its software is not cluttered with unnecessary features & gadgets. It does what it says on the tin!

The interactive dashboard transforms the way you and your team manage the maintenance operation. Users can see vital statistics at a glance. This encourages everyone to monitor the system on a regular basis, enabling transparency and driving productivity, enabling your team to accomplish more every day.

Take Control – Make Informed Business Decisions

Having a real-time view of your asset performance and full understanding of your resources is vital for maintenance management. Shire CMMS gives you essential control, with graphical KPI reports providing at- a-glance insight into performance across multiple locations, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Where to Buy

For all details including products, prices and a FREE trial go to Or alternatively call Shire Sales direct on 023 8022 4111.

Try before you buy

As experienced providers, Shire are confident in offering their CMMS solution on a trial basis. Shire can quickly set up a fully functional demonstration system. Just call or email!

Value for money

For added flexibility the Shire CMMS suite is available in independent modules. You can purchase the modules you need and add to them at a later date as necessary.

About Shire Systems

Shire Systems is the UK No1 producer of Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). In 2012 Shire are celebrating 30 years of designing, producing and supplying CMMS products.

Shire supplies all sectors and organisations of all sizes, from small enterprises up to large multinationals.

Shire is dedicated to producing low cost CMMS software that is easy to own, painless to setup and simple to use. With in-house expertise that is second to none and product value that is legendary, over 10, 000 organisations worldwide now rely on Shire software.

Shire Systems has overhauled its range of uniquely easy-to-use PIRANA CMMS products – at a price that’s unrivalled.

Maintenance is an organisation’s greatest controllable cost and with cost-cutting uppermost in people’s minds it makes sense to get organised, and squeeze more out of your resources.

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