A new knee pad for pocketed work trousers which incorporates a unique ‘direction of force’ design that crucially protects the wearer’s knees and the rest of the body from the potential dangers of impact through continuous kneeling, has been introduced by Redbacks Cushioning Limited.

20% lighter than its big selling predecessor allowing greater ease of movement and with a thicker grade of spacer fabric giving added comfort, the new kneepads feature a soft and flexible TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) leaf-spring, now with increased durability, which is set within a unique honeycomb matrix.

Redbacks are revolutionary knee protectors which are ergonomically designed knee pads tuned with patented leaf spring technology. Scientifically proven to absorb impact and reduce shock on knees, back and neck. This innovative design provides a unique ‘floating-on- air’ feel along with the highest level of protection and maximum comfort.

Announcing his company’s new product, Cliff Lockyer, CEO of Redbacks Cushioning Limited said: “Our patented kneepads differ from any others in the World and under the direction of Professor N. Chockalingam of Staffordshire University they have been tested and proven to outperform foam kneepads. The lighter weight gives all-day comfort and the ‘direction of force’ flexibility ensures the even distribution of the impact forces when kneeling thus providing the many extra health and safety benefits”.

For more information and to order visit email: or  or telephone: 01327 702104

New Redbacks 2a

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