Hosokawa Micron at the Forefront of Powder Processing Technologies for the Food Industry

Hosokawa Micron has more than 100 years of powder processing, manufacturing and innovation experience in a wide range of sectors, including food and beverages, and holds food industry accreditations such as FSSC 22000. Based in the north west of England, the company has a global customer base, supplying powder processing equipment, their own dynamic intelligent software brand, Hosokawa Gen4, and a number of in-house services, including contract manufacturing, R&D, lifecycle, testing and analytics.

Industry-leading Powder Processing Equipment

Hosokawa Micron designs, manufactures, installs and services a portfolio of food and beverage processing equipment for producing products including soup, drinks powders, granules, sauces, chocolate, cheese, butter, pastes and liquids. Products can be made from eclectic raw ingredients such as citrus peel, frozen fish, cocoa, meat, seaweed, sunflower seeds, soy beans, herbal extracts, vegetables, fruit, milk, rice and insects, as the equipment is suitable for a variety of applications – from batch mixing wet and/or dry ingredients, milling, size reduction and classifying, to agglomerating and freeze drying. Equipment is low maintenance, robust, safe and hygienic, whether off-the-shelf or bespoke, while some machines are conveniently multi-purpose or self-emptying.

Intelligent Software for the Food and Beverages Industry Created by Process Manufacturing Experts

With decades of powder processing experience, Hosokawa Micron was ideally placed to create the perfect digital toolkit for processing manufacturers and worked with expert partners to create Hosokawa Gen4 intelligent software. Having tested and perfected the smart technology over several years, the company is now rolling it out to many of the products in its portfolio. With support and digital strategy solutions provided by the dedicated Hosokawa Gen4 team, this is excellent news for companies wishing to invest in brand-new food processing machinery or upgrade their existing Hosokawa Micron equipment as part of a digital transformation plan.

Bespoke Contract Manufacturing Services with Quality

Hosokawa Micron has the capability to professionally process everything from ultra-small batches to multi-tonne lots at their dedicated on-site production facility and works with vegan protein enhancers, amino acid mixes and milk replacements. The contained environment and extensive experience of the technical services team help to ensure first-class product quality every time, with batch production documentation and validation certificates provided to support the process. This convenient, flexible service works for customers with many different requirements, whether it’s processing raw materials for R&D purposes, economically fast-tracking niche products or simply increasing production capacity. With no need to invest in specialist equipment, secure packaging, plus warehouse storage and delivery when the customer requires, the service and support offer great options for food and beverage manufacturers.

For more information or a quote, please visit hosokawa.co.uk, email info@hmluk.hosokawa.com or call +44 (0)1928 755100.

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