Simple, effective and engaging visual compliance software to international standards

The importance of an engaging user experience in delivering continuous improvement culture

With an abundance of software products available for almost every aspect of business automation and management, knowing what to purchase or indeed if a product can meet your requirements can be a daunting task. This becomes increasingly more difficult when other factors such as affordability, stakeholder requirements, employee engagement and the increasing demands of business compliance are considered.

Delivering health, safety, environmental and quality compliance cannot be achieved with software alone, however an integrated solution that enables and empowers people can. The provision of relevant and timely information to users, stakeholders and responsible persons with measurable and indeed auditable results are critical to achieving success. Designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 45001 Health and Safety standards the iProtectu software product has a proven track record of success in delivering business compliance.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organisations and is adopted worldwide. It provides world-class specifications for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency which are instrumental in facilitating international trade. To achieve the complex requirements of the standards in a single software product a requirement driven design process was used which engaged users, stakeholders, regulatory compliance organisations, auditors and business managers to better understand their holistic requirements.

In addition to meeting the stringent requirements of the standards, stakeholders required an integrated, flexible, customisable, task-oriented and visual approach where beautiful results from minimal effort are easily achieved. The resulting iProtectu software product delivers risk, safety, environmental, quality and training in a single task driven and fully integrated solution. Users benefit from a visual approach which fosters a continuous improvement and safety culture, which in turn leads to demonstrable and auditable compliance.

Most of us have experienced engaging social media tools, apps or business tools as software is very much an integral part of our lives. Poorly designed tools are quickly rejected by users, and therefore fail to deliver tangible business improvement as a result. User experience, fully integrated tools, control and relevance of information are as crucial to delivering compliance as integration and affordability. The use of bespoke solutions that are difficult to maintain or integrate within a business are therefore no longer a viable option for most businesses.

Delivering risk and compliance management in a single integrated solution requires a good user experience delivered in a transparent manner, the use of common web-based tools, utilities and un-constrained workflow make this experience both simple and engaging. Users may not notice good design, as it is often taken for granted but companies must drive it into their products. When done well, a sophisticated multi-standard requirement can be met with the ease, and flexibility modern businesses and their employees demand.

Our software has gained certification for many of our clients and has been tried, tested and proven in most industry sectors. Its success stems from the early involvement of users, stakeholders and auditors and the incorporation of their feedback, complemented by a requirement driven design process and a commitment to deliver every aspect of the standards.

… “As an international supplier of electronics products, certification is critical to our continued success. iProtectu has enabled us to manage our health and safety, quality and environmental requirements in one simple to use and truly effective product. Auditors commented on the ease at which information was available, certifying us with no recommendations” …                      

Mr John Morton – Managing Director Vero Technologies

At the heart of iProtectu is a comprehensive and powerful task management system. This task engine controls the plan, do, check act (PDCA) functions within each of the software modules, a common requirement of the ISO standards. It features document attachments, email and link-based actions. Tasks, e-learning and assessment reviews can be scheduled and with integrated examinations and certificates users can maintain their own portfolio of training. A platform where users can produce their own assessments, reports, audits and undertake e-learning with ease will deliver a culture of continuous improvement and empower teams.

The implementation of a user dashboard provides easy access to key information such as training records, management documents, assessments, customisable profiles and reports. Users can create their own reports and templates, save drafts, review their actions, schedule reviews, manage their teams and access any privileged company information. The provision of a dashboard also gives users the flexibility to customise their use of the product, a useful feature for users with minimal use requirements. Additionally, those with more demanding needs can customise their dashboards to provide easy access to routinely used information, audits, documents and forms. Reports can be shared with automated and scheduled email distribution and data can be exported into PDF or Microsoft Office facilitating automated reporting, real-time information sharing and decision making to users with rights and privileges to such information.

To meet the requirements of ISO 45001 Health and Safety, the full range of risk assessments has been provided. These include more commonly used general risk, young person, home working, lone working and Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments which can also be self-assessed. Fire assessments have been developed to meet the latest regulatory reform requirements and our manual handling assessments provide for both individual and team handling.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) is linked to a database of hazardous substances, where users can upload substance datasheets and reference them in their assessments.

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER), Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) are integrated with work equipment and assets, users can track work equipment, manage regulatory assessments and routine maintenance.

Pre-installed assessment templates, simple and effective re-assessment with automated or scheduled reminders enable users to save time.

In addition to the full range of risk assessments, training, project, event, and construction safety tools. iProtectu provides its users with iCheck auditing, where users can create their own audits, checklists and forms or use pre-installed ISO compliant templates. Our auditing tools are simple to use and like all our tools can be used on tablets and small screens with intermittent Wi-Fi, 3g or 4g and will save information locally until connectivity becomes available.

Security of software solutions can often be overlooked; it is natural to assume that a web-based tool with have the requisite security features and dismiss lower cost or more affordable solutions as weaker in their security approaches. Our solutions are used by corporates, independent schools and colleges, technology providers, manufacturers, construction and larger facilities management companies as well as small businesses. Each client large or small has the same software, hosted on state-of-the-art Amazon Web Servers (AWS) with end to end encryption and automated backup and restore features. Bank grade security and optional two factor authenticated access ensures client cyber resilience. To further enhance security, each iProtectu client application is hosted on its own server, clients can also upgrade infrastructure and add users at any time.

We are so confident about our results we offer monthly contracting models at very affordable rates. Our terms are monthly so the commitment to us is as simple as our software is to use. The 20-user business package is £95 with a per user cost thereafter, typical professional plans are £395 for up to 200 users. Enterprise solutions with additional training are available for larger organisations, however from our own experience training is minimal as good design leads to minimised training needs.

As ISO 45001 Health and Safety is now released, OHSAS 18001 will be withdrawn. Companies must migrate to the new standard by March 2021. Our solution is one of the most cost effective and comprehensive solutions available, it will enhance your business, reduce your risks, save you time and ensure regulatory compliance.

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