Bad Weather Is Good News For OTT Hydrometry

OTT Hydrometry, the specialist manufacturer of environmental monitoring equipment, has announced that 2015 was its best year ever in the UK. “Product sales were very good across all ranges,” comments Managing Director Nigel Grimsley.

“Regulators, researchers and academia all utilise our technology, but industrial companies are increasingly using monitoring equipment to ensure that they are able to respond quickly to changes in water level, flow and quality. In addition, many businesses are affected by the weather, so fast, easy access to monitoring data enables them to respond effectively.”

The increased frequency of severe weather events in the UK is clearly having a positive effect on OTT’s sales figures, with the OTT Pluvio2, the RLS level monitor and ecoLog products selling particularly well. The Pluvio2 is an advanced raingauge operating on the weighing principle, which means that it is able to measure all types of precipitation extremely accurately, whilst also providing intensity data. The OTT ecoLog is a complete system for logging and transmitting water level data in boreholes and surface water, and the RLS is a robust non-contact radar level sensor.

Summarising, Nigel says: “Bad weather obviously stimulates our business, but continual investment in product development also increases the popularity of our technologies, and the complete monitoring systems that we build make it easier for customers to start collecting and disseminating data.”

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