Teknomek, A Leading Provider Of Hygienic Furniture And Equipment Has Expanded Its Range Of Quality Food Grade Products

A clean break

The expanded range of hygienic furniture and products includes new seats and stools, dispensers, fly killers, production line basket stands, trolleys and shelving. All products follow the core principles of supporting hygienic control. Through intelligent design, and excellent manufacturing standards. While also being versatile, built to last and backed by a quick turnaround time. 

You said, Teknomek did

Acting upon customer feedback has been a central influence in the introduction of many new products. Following feedback and research, Teknomek has improved the designs of many of its products. From adding new hygienic features to making them more ergonomic or easier to clean.

Stand up to Contamination

To keep baskets and tubs off the ground, the range has been expanded beyond bogies and dollies. The new production line basket stand delivers optimal working height for a wide choice of baskets. And is designed for easy cleaning.

Come clean with new sinks

The improved utility sink design is just one example of the many new and improved products now available. Research revealed customers wanted to make best use of the super size bowls and make them more ergonomic. The review included an improved range of pre-rinses and tap options so it now includes WRAS certified and antimicrobial units.

On a roll

After in-depth research and rigorous testing, Teknomek has rolled out new stainless steel toilet roll dispensers to the range. With options for flat sheet, standard toilet roll and for use with Pendmatic, Maxmatic or Corematic rolls. The slanted surfaces and fully welded joints ensure there’s little chance that dirt or dust will hang around where they’re not wanted.

Stools for hard knocks

The new stool range from Teknomek includes new stainless steel stools and a new super tough stool for payloads up to 120kg. Options include a new rust-proof stool. Resistant to various types of alkalis, chemical solvents and products, as well as brine, bumps and abrasions. Cleaning the new stools is a doddle, they are designed to be easy to take apart or have integral water drainage holes in the seat.

Off the shelf

Teknomek’s expanded range of shelving now applies for units from 60cm up to 3m. The expanded range offers even more choice of height, depth and length. A wider choice of materials, shelf types and castors, making it even more flexible including going around corners.  The payload per shelf is now up to 250kg with the new heavy duty shelving range.

As well as the food grade 304 stainless steel range, cold rooms are served with a new aluminium range for temperatures down to -30°C.

Brooming marvellous 

The new Teknomek brush range offers a tough polypropylene body and polyester filaments making each brush durable, lightweight and water resistant. All the brushes have been independently tested for compliance in food environments. And all components are FDA/EU approved. Complying with HACCP best practice the brushes come in a choice of colours for use in different work areas. Avoiding cross-contamination. The range also includes metal-detectable brushes for added safety in food processing environments.

To find out more about other new products, including baskets, trolleys, basket/tray stands, fly killers, fly screens, cupboards, chairs and bins, contact Teknomek on +44 1603 788833 / www.teknomek.co.ukmail@teknomek.co.uk.

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