Smart Storm Lead The Way In Waste Water Monitoring

Smart Storm design and manufacture the world’s most advanced products for Water and Waste Water management and control. The Smart Storm product range sets itself apart from its competitors through innovative design with features and benefits not seen in other products.


The Universal Smart Instrument (USI) Concept

The USI has been specifically designed to provide a unique user experience not found in any other instrument.  The features and benefits of the USI are incorporated into all products within the USI family.

Based on the robust and reliable industrial version of windows, the USI is as intuitive and simple to operate as a home computer, which makes both programming and operation simple and efficient. The USI sets itself apart from traditional instrumentation by utilising powerful processors (as used in smart phones and satellite navigation systems) and dynamic software to display real time data and graphs on its 7-inch-high resolution colour touch screen, whilst providing highly accurate and reliable data. This provides the user with unrivalled accessibility and clarity of information.

This ease of programming saves engineer’s endless hours and the frustrations often associated with programming industrial instrumentation. The USI user intuitive programming interface means instruction manuals are a thing of the past. Coupled with features such as 20 years of data logging, multiple input and output communications, 6 programmable relays and cloud based data retrieval the USI is truly “Tomorrows Technology – Here today”

The USI comes with free reporting software for use on pc’s and data transfer can be either through Ethernet or USB stick. However, a unique feature of the USI is that its own display can be used to display historical reports and graphs without the need to download to a pc.

Real time data can be displayed either as text or trend graphs and the user even has options over his preferred choice of display background colours.

The USI is optimised for use with Smart Storm sensors which are renowned for their high accuracy and durability.

The USI Product Family 

USI Flow & Water Quality Meter.

The Universal Smart Instrument (USI) is an innovative monitoring instrument and data-logger that delivers multi parameter measurement in a single device. The USI can simultaneously measure:

Flow, pH/Redox, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Chloride, Nitrate and conductivity. With 6 relays and 4-20mA outputs the USI can act as an independent controller for chemical dosing in pH control, cooling tower treatment etc.

Several instruments can therefore be replaced by a single USI in a wide range of clean water and waste water applications making the USI an extremely low cost option for measurement and control.

Flow measurement Types:

  • Open Channel Ultrasonic
  • Area Velocity
  • Closed Pipe Magnetic Flow Meter

USI Level and Pump Controller

The USI level and pump controller offers single and dual channel level control in tanks and sumps. Using either the Digison range of intelligent ultrasonic level sensors or pressure sensors with a range up to 20m, the USI offers unrivalled measurement and control. For ease of programming the user interface generates pictorial images of all common tank shapes along with a 30 point look up table for non-standard tank shapes.

From simple to complex pump control is child’s play with the USI as every possible pumping combination is selectable from a display index. Simply select your pumping mode and pump rotation order using the pop up menu and the USI is ready for use.

A feature of the USI is that ultrasonic echo profiles can be displayed directly on the USI’s own display and echo mapping achieved on the unit itself without the need of a laptop, as is the norm in competitors’ products.

USI Hydrocell Waste Water Samplers.

The USI Hydrocell 1 Composite Sampler is specifically designed for Composite Collection of (flow, event, or time proportional) samples of trade effluent discharges in industrial applications.

A robust industrial design with state of the art touch screen programming and graphical display makes the Hydrocell the product of choice for all your waste water sampling needs.

The Hydrocell is available in 1,2 4 and 8 bottles versions with and without refrigeration.

Windows Programming –

Beautifully simple – The Hydrocell incorporates the USI concept with Windows based programming, touch screen colour graphics, visual representation of sample bottles and 6 programmable relays.

Avocet Sludge Blanket Monitor.

The Avocet Sludge Blanket Monitor gives highly accurate measurements of sludge blanket composition by utilising extremely high frequency ultrasound sensors (1.1MHz) that can detect the lowest sludge density found in primary and secondary clarifier’s.

The Ultrasonic Transducer is immersed just below the surface of the water and pointed directly at the bottom of the tank.  The Avocet Sludge Blanket Monitor uses time of flight echo processing and advanced algorithms to lock on the true sludge interface level and ignore the floating solid particles and troublesome rag layers. The unique algorithms have been designed to automatically filter all floating particles and electrical noise interference for unrivalled performance.

A simple 3-button keypad is used by the operator to input the tank depth. The Avocet automatically does the rest with its advanced echo processing and signal gain adjustment. The LCD screen displays the echo profile for visual confirmation of the sludge level relative to the tank bottom. A 4-20mA signal is provided proportional to the sludge level for SCADA input.

Greasebuster™ Fat skimmer

The Greasbuster™ fat skimmer is a designed to remove fats oils and grease from industrial waste in tanks and silos. The proven belt design uses a hydroscopic material which attracts fats oils and grease and rejects water. This enables fats, oils and grease to be removed with little water content.

The belt skimmer can remove up to 5m3 of product per hours. Removal of fats, oils and greases reduces COD figures and consequently leads to reduced water bills as well as ensuring water company consents are complied with.

Application industries include all food industries including bakeries, meat processing and ready meal sites, waste oil recovery and cosmetics.

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