Bi-Metal Thermometer Temperature Gauges

Labfacility now offer Bi-Metal Stainless Steel Thermometers with bottom or back entry and ‘any-angle’ versions available to buy direct from our ecommerce website.

  • Micro adjustable pointer
  • Class 1 with 316 S/S Stem
  • 100mm Face size with various lengths and diameters available
  • 1-year guarantee offered for working parts / default
  • Adjustable installation fittings – comprehensive range of compression fittings available
  • Optional 1/2″ BSP Thermopocket available
  • Temperature Ranges from -20°C to 200°C

Standard stainless-steel gauges and pockets are suitable for air, oil, water and other non-erosive fluids. Environmental conditions should be taken into account when considering suitable materials for dial case, etc.

The instrument head should be protected from localised heat or cold sources as this can lead to indicating errors. The function of the gauge does not require any special maintenance procedures but frequent checks must be made to ensure that the instrument is still working correctly and accurately. Any shift in temperature readings greater than twice the tolerance of the instrument must be investigated and the immediate replacement of the gauge if it is faulty.

Advantages of bi-metallic thermometers:

  • Bi-metallic thermometer are easily installed and maintained.
  • Wide temperature ranges are available.
  • The bi-metallic thermometer has class 1 accuracy.

How does a bi-metal thermometer work?

The bi-metal thermometer is made up of two metals moulded together to form a coil. As the temperature changes, the bi-metallic coil contracts or expands, causing the pointer to move up or down the scale.


Accuracy                                              Class 1 (1% F.S.D.)

Dial Size                                               100mm

Construction                                      Flush fitting bayonet locking case and bezel

Measuring Element                         Bi-Metallic coil

Ranges °C                                            -20 to +40°C, 0 to +100°C, 0 to +120°C, 0 to +200°C

Over Limit Range                              130% full scale

Stem / Bulb                                         316 Stainless steel

Case / Bezel ring                               Stainless steel AISI 316L

Window                                               Glass

Dial                                                         Aluminium, black figures on white

Pointer                                                 Aluminium, black

Movement                                         Direct drive on back entry

Ambient Temperature                   -10…+50°C

Temperature Effect                        max…0,3% / 10°C

Protection EN 60 529                      IP65

For all sales enquiries please contact us as follows:
Tel: +44 (0) 1243 871280

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