TURBOVAC i – The New Dimension in Turbomolecular Pump Engineering

The innovative turbomolecular pumps of the TURBOVAC i product line always deliver their maximum performance even under widely differing requirements.

TURBOVAC (T)350 i, (T)450i and 350/450 i Multi-Inlet – The performance leap for your vacuum!

The TURBOVAC 350 i and 450 i models are equipped with an additional compression stage and are particularly well suited for ultrahigh vacuum applications, and in combination with small backing pumps for installation within compact pump system solutions. They deliver an excellent vacuum performance and an outstanding pumping speed especially for lighter gases.

The models TURBOVAC T 350 i and T 450 i with their classic rotor design excel through their high gas throughput, fast run-up and insensitivity to particles. Thus they are specially suited for process applications and high gas loads.

The new TURBOVAC i product series is supplemented by the multi-inlet turbomolecular pumps
TURBOVAC 350/450 i MI. Specially developed for the requirements of analytical instruments, this type of pump offers an extremely high degree of flexibility. Moreover, multi-inlet pumps allow you to specify the number, height and position of the vacuum connections. Additionally there is the option of adapting the pump housing or customizing the pump to your specific vacuum chamber.

The maintenance-free and oil-free hybrid bearings with lifetime lubrication excel through extreme
reliability and durability making regular maintenance by way of oil changes superfluous. The bearing system ensures low vibration and low noise operation – thereby reducing stresses or negative effects in vibration-sensitive applications. To protect the bearings against critical gases or particles, all pumps are equipped with a seal gas connection.

The TURBOVAC i series offer numerous options to meet widely different requirements. Both the TURBOVAC 350 i and also the 450 i are available with an additional interstage port allowing you to pump down an additional chamber. In order to keep installation, operation and maintenance as simple as possible, the TURBOVAC i pumps are equipped with a rotatable fore vacuum flange connection, integrated drive electronics with direct 24/48 V DC supply as well as a flexible communication interface with USB, RS 485 and digital I/O ports. Additional interface options are available upon request.

A variable and comprehensive range of accessories supplements the new product line. Among other things, it comprises cost-effective power supply units for 100 to 240 V mains power supplies (either “on-board” or “stand-alone” solutions), adjustable air and water cooling units, heating jackets, venting and seal gas accessories as well as installation and mounting kits for simplifying commissioning.


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