BioViron International

BioViron International Limited offers industries and businesses 100% plant based compostable materials, under the Composta™ brand, for packaging and protection. A zero-plastic solution to modern day material and packaging needs designed to help businesses meet carbon footprint and zero-waste objectives. Over the years we have developed other materials under the Composta™ Brand, so we now have CompostaFoam, CompostaFilm, CompostaForm and Compost Block.

BioViron International Limited is working to get all our processes to be carbon net zero. When we manufacture our materials, we use considerably less energy and greenhouse gas emissions than comparable amounts of plastic products. Our Composta™ materials are either home compostable or Industrial compostable. So, when companies send direct to consumer, ideally, we try to get the company to use home compostable materials. With Business to Business they are usually happy with industrial compostable materials.

CompostaForm replaces oil-based single use plastic packaging, approved for food contact, with 100% renewable raw materials. Suitable for film extrusion, thermoforming or fibre spinning production methods compostable within an industrial composting unit CompostaFoam is a compostable and water-soluble starch based foam, manufactured from Cornstarch and Soy Oil. It has been accepted for use within the supply chain as an environmentally friendly space filling material for transit packaging applications.

ComopstaBlock is an expanded Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA) polymer derived from renewable sources such as starch or sugar. It is a multi-impact resistant and thermally efficient high density foam designed to protect any product. The ideal replacement for Polystyrene

Home CompostaFilm offers an alternative waste disposal route for waste bags and thin film applications such as fruit and vegetable bags. CompostaFilm has been awarded the OK Compost Home certificate. Industrial CompostaFilm offers a denser material for a more robust application.

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