Blower engineered to operate at 180oC from ACI

Engineered for working in high temperature environments of up to 180oC, the Air Control Industries ‘EP10AH’ industrial blower is suitable for many applications too trying for many alternative units.

ACI’s ‘EP10AH’ is designed to handle inlet temperatures of up to 180oC without any significant temperature increase of the bearings so unit longevity and low maintenance requirement is similar to those of the standard EP10.

Low temperature rise is achieved by integrating a heat dissipation ‘spinner’ disk in a vented housing between the blower unit and impeller. This avoids the need for cooling water and all related supply and drainage problems.

Other features enabling the EP10AH to function effectively in such high temperatures include the use of de-rated AC motors (standard motors effective up to 40oC) and a ‘finger-proof’ pierced metal belt guard (replacing the vacuum formed standard cover) that allows air to enter and circulate freely.

The EP10 family of blowers has a low maintenance requirement because the blower head is cast and machined as a single piece with equally spaced bearings configured specifically to provide even loading from the belt drive. This design is fundamentally different from other belt driven units and allows the belt to be run at a tension much lower than other belt driven units, therefore resulting in much lower loads on all parts of the assembly.

The single piece construction also guarantees correct alignment of the integrated precision spindle.  The outcome is a more robust and efficient assembly, which both improves manufacture and enhances stability and reliability, essential with operating speeds up to 20,000 rpm and deliveries of 1200 CFM.

Also contributing to the EP10’s durability are the specially engineered hybrid ceramic bearings that are sealed for life to prevent ingress of contaminant and retain the high-performance grease.

Power rating options for ACI’s EP10AH hot air blower are: 5.5, 7.5, 11 and 15kW.


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