Brexit – Making Your Exports Simple

Manufacturers are facing an increased volume of export orders since Article 50 of Brexit has been signed and sealed. Two of the main issues which manufacturers might think about with the up and coming delivery of Brexit are on-time receipt of components and the ability to maintain low costs.

Purchasing problems can cause disruption to any business, eating into valuable time, which is far better spent on more important core business activities. Disturbances of this nature can often lead to interruptions in shipping schedules and customer invoicing.  With Avant Electronics’ extensive range of solutions, we can help to solve these purchasing issues.

Obsolete or Hard to Find Parts

James Tyler, the Operations Director at Avant Electronics, explained, “Businesses have come to realise that partnering with a sourcing company who are reliable and dedicated is a highly valuable asset.” He went on to state. “The current exchange rates have given a huge lift to UK exports. Record months have been experienced by many of our customers in the short-to-medium term – which is incredible! However, when trying to get a product out through the door, it can have a knock-on effect.”

“Our customers view us as a Partner, not just a company who assists them in difficult times. We at Avant Electronics with our 20 years experience, can help you source those hard to find or obsolete parts which could be holding up or stopping production.”

Excessive Stock and Purchasing

Exchange rate fluctuations are not the only thing helping UK manufacturers – independent parts stockists throughout the UK are also finding that a greater number of companies outside the UK and beyond Europe are keen to make the most of the Sterling/Dollar exchange rate. “Disposal of excess stock is yet just another solution we can provide. With many businesses heading into their year-end, any excess stock they have is fundamentally dead money. So, it would seem the right time to dump it and gain a return.”

Avant Electronics has a positive outlook, and with a move in the pipeline to new premises, its future is looking bright. So, what can the manufacturing industry in the UK expect for its future? “We would hope that following the Brexit new opportunities will arrive, giving the manufacturing industry in the UK a boost. A boost which has been long awaited after many years of trying to compete with low-priced overseas production.”









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