Bringing light to darkness

It transilluminates even metallized and dark films: The new LS25CI through-beam photoelectric sensor from Leuze is very powerful and flexible in use and thus meets the stringent requirements of the packaging industry.

The films used in the packaging industry vary greatly: they are more or less transparent and sometimes even dark or metallized. This makes it challenging for photoelectric sensors to reliably detect the position of the objects in the packaging. With the LS25CI, Leuze is introducing a through-beam photoelectric sensor that is up to the job: The LS25CI is very powerful and can transilluminate any type of film. This enables the reliable separation of products and the sealing of the film in the right places. The infrared light used is harmless and poses no danger to the eyes.

Detects object or film

System operators can pick from two models: The LS25CI.XR1 high power can transilluminate dark films as well as identify individual transparent films. The performance of the photoelectric sensor can be conveniently configured via a potentiometer. For even tougher requirements, customers may want to opt for the LS25CI.XX superpower: It transilluminates metallized and dark-colored films, even if they are multi-layered. The receiver works with both transmitter models. The sensitivity of the receiver can also be quickly and intuitively adjusted via potentiometers.

Robust housings

The housings of the transmitter and receiver meet protection classes IP67 and IP69K. They are also ECOLAB certified for use in harsh environments that require frequent cleaning. The devices are wired with M8 or M12 connectors and can thus be easily integrated into systems.

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