Bluetooth Logging for up to 105 Measurement Channels

Hioki Memory HiLoggers record up to 105 channels of data wirelessly using Bluetooth® technology, capturing parameters such as voltage, temperature, resistance or humidity signals. Some models provide complete isolation between channels and high noise resistance.

Logging modules may be installed in hard-to-reach locations over line-of-sight distances of up to 30 metres; the presence of obstructions may shorten this range.

An input unit is chosen based on the parameters to be measured for a total of up to 105 channels by connecting 15-channel and 2-channel units. Up to seven input units may be added wirelessly, keeping the work environment free of tangled wires, and Hioki has now launched the Wireless Mini Logger Series.

Mini Loggers simplify wireless capture of a variety of signal channels. Introduced to the market last October, the company first launched the two-channel Wireless Pulse Logger LR8512 and the Wireless Clamp Logger LR8513, to be followed later by the Wireless Temp/Humidity Logger LR8514 and the Wireless Voltage/Thermocouple Logger LR8515.

The Wireless Mini Logger series is used in combination with the Wireless Logging Station LR8410-20, which was launched in mid-2013. With availability of these two-channel loggers, it is now possible to record a variety of data types, including voltage, temperature, pulse integration, and current in real time as part of a single time-series.

Software scheduled for launch soon will make it possible to download measurement data stored on Wireless Mini Logger products to a smartphone, tablet, or computer wirelessly via Bluetooth communications. Only Android™ smartphones and tablets are supported.

Wireless Logging Station

In June 2013, Hioki launched the Wireless Logging Station LR8410-20, a multi-channel logger with Bluetooth wireless technology that is designed to be used in conjunction with the Wireless Voltage/Temperature Unit LR8510 and the Wireless Universal Unit LR8511, which function as logging modules. Bluetooth wireless technology makes it possible to transmit data captured by the logging modules from remote locations in real time.

The new Hioki two-channel Wireless Pulse Logger LR8512 performs pulse integration of parameters like vehicle speed or flow rate for equipment such as air conditioning, while the Wireless Clamp Logger LR8513 measures load and leakage current using clamp sensors, with a choice of eight current sensors.

The LR8513 may be placed inside an electrical distribution panel and monitored with the cover closed, capturing measured values from the outside.

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