Bülte presents its news Plastimont bodies CO 251 & CO 252

Just by inserting a nut or a screw, you transform a Plastimont into a handwheel/knob. All materials should match with this product: steel, stainless steel, brass, nylon… The body of these pieces is stain resistant, light and insulating: a good alternative to overmolded products.

The standard material is Polyamide (Nylon) which is resistant to various chemical products, has excellent mechanical properties including wear resistance, low friction coefficient, high melting point good impact resistance and is also very light. The working temperature range is -30 to +100°C.
Thanks to its special properties nylon is one of the best materials whatever the sector of industry you are in: military, medical, aerospace, railway, toy, food, chemicals, electronics, electrical, building…A significant finished products’ stock, an efficient production process, and reliable logistics, allow Bülte to deliver these products in small quantities and in competitive lead times.

Plastimont bodies are available in M4 or M5 28mm diameter for CO 251 and M5 or M6 31mm diameter for CO 252. The body’s ergonomic shape and the small grooves allow a good grip. CO 251 and CO 252 are supplied with a cover for a perfect finish.

Bülte also offers a range of colors on request: white, red, yellow, blue…
Samples and prices are available on request. For more information, please contact: www.bulte.com

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