Cirrus Research right on the button with its AuditStore™ technology

Cirrus Research is consolidating its reputation as the UK’s leading noise measurement experts with the continued development of its AuditStore™ software.

Designed specifically to give total peace of mind to clients, AuditStore™ has been developed to ensure that all noise measurement data is valid and trustworthy.

This allows Cirrus Research clients to present their data with confidence and have the ability to validate any results with 100% certainty – crucial in any legal or dispute proceedings.

And should the unthinkable happen, AuditStore™  also acts as a back-up so any data lost through human or technical error can be retrieved easily and in full; with the same amount of assurance and accuracy as if it has just been recorded.

The software works by taking a selection of the data of each measurement and storing it in a separate, secure memory that is totally independent of the memory card. It includes essential element such as time, date, duration, the LAeq, Peak(C) and LAFmax, LA10 and LA90 and the overload indicator. In addition to all this, it also stores in full the last calibration on the device.

Cirrus Research Marketing Manager James Tingay explains: “AuditStore™ acts as the ultimate safety net when it comes to keeping your noise data secure, verifiable and accessible. It allows you to verify your measurements and state that the information being presented is true and has not been adjusted in anyway.

“We recently helped a health & safety consultant where all the data had been accidentally wiped from his Optimus. Thanks to AuditStore™ we were able to retrieve the lost data which otherwise would have affected several of his clients.”

AuditStore™ is now fitted on all the Optimus sound level meters as standard and comes with a free 12 month user licence on all new products from the range. A further 3 or 5 year licence can be bought after that time to ensure full storage and user access.



  • The AuditStore™ memory stores up to 30,000 measurements at any one time.
  • Once the memory is full it overrides the oldest measurement to ensure the latest data is always kept.
  • AuditStore™ has been included across all the Optimus range since April 1, 2012, but it is also possible to upgrade firmware from older devices.
  • AuditStore™ data cannot be manipulated or accessed by any other means apart from when the licensed user requests a download using Cirrus Research’s own NoiseTools™ integrated software.
  • Once AuditStore™ data has been downloaded it is encrypted using a secure method and stored into a spate database from the main measurement information.


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