New binary gas analyzer from Michell gives long-term reliability and low-cost of ownership

Michell Instruments has announced the launch of their new binary gas analyzer – the XTC601 Thermal Conductivity Analyzer. The analyzer uses thermal conductivity technology to detect percent levels of a target gas mixed with another background gas.

The introduction of this instrument extends Michell’s current gas analysis offering of moisture and Oxygen for both process and industrial markets. The measured gases now available are: Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Air, as either target or background gases.

Typical applications would be: H2 Generator cooling systems (Power Generation), H2 in heat treatment furnaces (Metals), H2 in NH3, Methanol or Chlorine (Chemical), CO2 in fermentation process (Food), CO2 in Biogas, H2 in Blast Furnace top gas (Steel), H2 in Hydrocarbons (Petrochemical), He recovery (Industrial gas) or N2 in CO2 (Industrial Gas).

The key advantages of the XTC601 binary gas analyzer is its low cost of ownership and compact dimensions (particularly in Ex d format).  Thermal conductivity sensors are non-depleting which gives the analyzer minimal maintenance costs, and long term reliable operation.

The analyzer provides measurements with an accuracy of 2% full scale and a stability of ±0.5% per month of span. The sensor is highly flexible and is capable of measuring gases from 0-5% up to 0-100% (calibrated to suit application).

Michell are offering three variants of the XTC601 binary gas analyzer, each available suitable for use in hazardous or general purpose areas. There is a base transmitter, a transmitter with status LEDs, and an analyzer with a display, touch screen buttons and an intuitive HMI to enable users to access the full operation of the analyzer.

Hazardous area certification is available for all regions, with ATEX, IECEx, TC TR Ex and CCSAUS.

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