Ishida x-ray inspection offers world class detection of contaminants

World-class x-ray inspection

Ishida x-ray inspection systems provide vital information with the greatest accuracy and reliability to alert you when foreign bodies are contaminating your product.

Using superior x-ray technology for contamination detection demonstrates due dilligence to customers, thus delivering valuable brand protection for manufacturers and reducing the negative implications and potential high costs of customer complaints, litigation and product recalls.

Ishida X-ray inspection systems detect potential contaminants at very low levels.

The range of contaminants detected by an Ishida X-ray inspection system includes

  • metal
  • glass
  • bone
  • shell
  • grit
  • plastic
  • hard rubber

The X-ray inspection system will pick these up at low levels, and the operator can further increase its sensitivity to expected contaminants thanks to the unique Ishida Genetic Algorithm facility.













Much more than a contamination detector

Ishida’s range of x-ray inspection systems offer many more quality control applications:

  • product grading by length, e.g. for fish fillets
  • the presence, absence or incorrect fitting of clips, e.g. on airtight packs of bread
  • voids in product, e.g. in butter or cheese
  • product deformation
  • missing pieces, e.g. the number of items in a pack
  • product-in-seal for tray products
  • dents in cans
  • the absence of bottle caps
  • fill-level control for products such as yogurt drinks or soups


You can test our inspection equipment by ordering a free sensitivity report for your own products, which will show exactly what we can detect, and to what degree of sensitivity. Contact us:

Side beam x-ray inspection for bottles

Highest level of inspection performance for bottled products, tetra packs, cartons and pouches.

Watch the video link to

Seafood packer invests in x-ray inspection of scallops

Read how a French seafood packer has improved quality by installing an Ishida X-ray inspection system to monitor frozen scallops before they enter the packing process. Link to

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