Claim your free copy of my new DVD, “The Quick and Easy Guide to ABB Drives Programming”

For many years now, customers have been asking me why I haven’t put our tutorial videos on to single DVD. It’s a good question.

I’d always said that if I was to commission a ABB Drive programming DVD it would be a reference tool, a guide and a constant companion to the engineer busy with every other issue they are faced with on a daily basis.   No waffle or jargon, just straightforward advice, tips and strategies presented by an engineer, not a salesman or actorAnd that’s exactly what I’ve done, with our Drive Service Manager, Neil Keenan. We’ve put together 15 outstanding short videos covering installation, commissioning and programming all current ABB Drive ranges

This is your invitation to claim one of the 1,000 copies of “The Quick and Easy Guide to ABB Drives Programming “sitting at our warehouse, ready for dispatch.

And here’s the best part – it’s absolutely FREE of charge – there’s not even a penny to pay for postage.

Go to to claim your free copy today!!

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