Clean Air At Work for Welders and their shop floor colleagues

Plymovent Industrial Products can provide your workforce with a clean working environment by capturing harmful welding fumes, dust and oil mist and removing them from the workplace. As you know companies are obliged by law to keep welding fumes, dust and oil mist in the breathing zone of a welder below a certain limit. As welding fumes are potentially dangerous for people’s health (if you are unsure of the problems that can be created by breathing in welding fume don’t just take our word for it – check out the HSE Website, they should be reduced and/or extracted from the area where welding fume collects.

There are international standards for the preferred order in which welding fumes must be captured. This order is listed below. The next solution is chosen only when the previous one cannot be applied or is only a partial solution. In practice the total solution for a workshop is often a mixture of methods.

  1. Reduce or avoid the production of welding fumes
  2. At-source capture of welding fumes
  3. Separate source and human by automation and e.g. an extraction hood
  4. General ventilation and personal protection

Plymovent offers various effective solutions for the extraction of welding fumes.

This can be done either at the source of the contamination which directly protects your welders or, by using Plymovent Environmental air cleaning products, including the ductless Diluter system, you can easily protect all your shop floor colleagues from harmful welding fumes within the facility.

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Not only can we specify, deliver and install the Plymovent Industrial product range but we can also service, maintain and test your existing equipment.

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