ZOUCH Expandafoam BG1 – Multi Functional Joint Sealing Tape

ZOUCH Expandafoam BG1 is a PUR sealing tape impregnated with a re resistant polymeric dispersion. It is specially designed for joints in buildings up to 100m high, in accordance with DIN 18055.

ZOUCH Expandafoam BG1 fulls the stringent requirements of the DIN 18542 edition 2009. In addition to providing protection against driving rain to a minimum of 600 Pa (equivalent to wind force 11 – Violent Storm) the vapour permeable joint sealing tape also possesses outstanding thermal and acoustic characteristics, as well as allowing for diurnal movement.

· standard sizes available from stock
· private label and / or special labelling available
· non standard lengths and widths available on request
· competent experienced technical support available in the field and by phone

pre-compressed rolls with one side self adhesive (to aid
installation) in cardboard cartons with rolls individually
shrink wrapped.

· complies with the DIN 18542 BG 1 and DIN 18055
· reliability through a wider joint application range
· seals against wind, dust, driving rain
· vapour diusion permeable
· good adhesive properties, to aid application
· permanently elastic with long term life expectancy
· thermal and acoustic insulation
· can be painted over with standard emulsion paints
· compatible with all known standard building materials
· applications in all construction areas and building types are possible
· CE-certied (ETA-07/0072)
· constant quality to DIN EN ISO 9001 & DIN standards, with regular controls from independent institutions
· externally supervised by ift Rosenheim: for driving rain and air permeability (a-value)
· 10 year performance guarantee*


Zouch Converters is an international supplier of an extensive range of material and component products for bonding, sealing, joining, protecting, insulating and the control of various noise issues such as vibration, motion and mechanical shock. The company converts adhesive and non-adhesive foam and tape onto rolls, spools or precise die-cut parts. The huge array of products are manufactured for use by a wide range of market sectors including agriculture, horticulture, furniture, electrical, trunking, automotive, medical, construction, building, industrial, solar, energy, optical, commercial and retail.

Zouch Converters has clients located throughout the world who demand superior quality and high performance products. The foam materials available include neoprene, EPDM, polyethylene, EVA, polyurethane, PVC, reticulated, impregnated, silicone, cork, felt, Nitrile/PVC blend, latex, HF weldable vinyl’s and flame retardant foams. The majority of the materials can be produced with a wide range of pressure sensitive adhesives such as rubber based or acrylic, permanent or temporary bonding and a vast array of carrier substrates for numerous applications. Zouch Converters offers the same flexible, efficient and reliable service for slit rolls, master logs, precise die-cut parts and spools in plain or tailored packaging.

The experienced and professional team at Zouch Converters has extensive knowledge and understanding of application technology and works closely with the client to ensure an appropriate solution is found. The design team can provide prototype parts based on technical drawings and material specifications allow the team to source the best and most cost effective materials for particular applications. Zouch Converters will oversee the whole project from the initial enquiry and quotation through to manufacture and delivery.

Zouch Converters is committed to delivering a wide range of superior quality products which are competitively priced. The company is motivated by an extensive client-base who utilise the products in everyday situations for a diverse range of applications. The product range undergoes continuous research and development to satisfy the ever changing requirements of the client. Zouch Converters welcomes enquiries from all industry sectors and has a vast knowledge and understanding of the product range to provide cost effective and reliable solutions regardless of the size and complexity of an application.

Visit Website: www.zouchconverters.co.uk

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