Collomix receives TINTA dispenser order from Meffert Farbwerke for equipping DIY stores

  • Successful TINTA dispenser tests in Meffert’s own color formulation lab.
  • Superior sample pot precision was main decision criterion; DIY store user tests proved significant reductions of purge waste and service effort.

Gaimersheim, Germany, December 18, 2017 – Collomix GmbH announces the receipt of several orders from Meffert Farbwerke AG for equipping interior design DIY stores with the TINTA dispenser. Hammer and Home Market DIY stores in Germany will use the new dispenser.

Other than conventional tinting systems, the TINTA dispenser does not mechanically stir pastes, but softly recirculates them by means of pumping action. Recirculation is more efficient in preventing paste sedimentation, adhesion, encrustation and syneresis than stirring.

Collomix’ proprietary piston pump solution enables highest sample precision even with smallest sample amounts. The patented Collomix CoolNOZ technology uses physical dew point properties to efficiently prevent dry-outs at the nozzle outlet. This eliminates frequent purging, significantly reducing purge waste. Perfect paste processing depends on excellent machine-paste-symbiosis. Other than conventional dispenser systems, TINTA allows individualized parameterization of each paste container, for optimum treatment of complex, thixotropic or solvent free pastes.

“Our Meffert formulation experts tested and validated TINTA for nine months”, says Thomas Fink, Head of Mixing Technology at Meffert Farbwerke AG. “Formulation development, sample pots, and customized formulations with a variety of different paste systems is our daily work in the lab. TINTA convinced us with consistent, ultra high dosing precision even down to smallest sample amounts. Today, we work almost exclusively on this system and will shortly acquire another TINTA for our lab.”

In a three month user test at a Hammer DIY store, TINTA demonstrated easy operation and a significant purge reduction of more than 90 percent: Waste was reduced from 3 to 4 liters in four weeks on conventional dispensers to only a few drops on the TINTA in the same time. “TINTA’s best feature is recirculation”, says Thomas Fink. “It totally eliminates stirrer adhesions, saving us expensive service trips to our national and international POS.”

“We have reinvented dispensing on the TINTA. We wanted users to fully benefit from all the advantages of recirculation over stirring, and we wanted the system to be easy to use. This is why our technical team developed the system in close cooperation with industry users and according to highest industry standards”, says Alexander Essing, Managing Director of Collomix GmbH. “As a result, TINTA features state of the art dispensing know how and many patented extras, enabling totally new dimensions of precision, cleanliness and paste conservation. Now, the incoming serial orders for TINTA from color producers prove our commitment to detail, user friendliness and efficiency right.”

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