Complete Climatic Packaging Solutions

Protective Packaging Ltd manufacture a range of Aluminium Barrier Foil bags and liners to suit any application where deterioration of the packaged product may take place due to attack from moisture, oxygen ingress, UV light, temperature extremes, odours, mould and fungi growth, grease and oils and chemicals.Established in Manchester in 1988, Protective Packaging Ltd has grown to become a world-leading packaging supplier of climatic packaging solutions to manufacturers in a wide variety of industries.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited manufacturer specialising in total climatic solutions to prevent moisture damage whilst reducing supply chain costs – manufacturing a range of aluminium barrier foil liners from F.I.B.C’s and drums to 2 and 3-dimensional bags. All aspects of quality from raw materials to final heat seals are controlled to ensure the right products each and every time.

No MOQ, Short Lead Times
No matter how big or small your requirement, the Protective Packaging name has become synonymous with quality and peace of mind. This has been achieved through an understanding of the products that we are required to protect and the properties of the materials that are available to us.

• Eliminates corrosion
• Reduced desiccant usage and thus overall shipping weight
• No need to use preservation methods requiring cleaning
• Eliminates the need to re-dry product
• Eliminates odour transfer, into or out of the pack
• Reduces the need to invest in modified atmosphere storage
• Outer packaging cleanliness
• Allows the outer container to be disposed of by simple landfill process
• Suitable for “hot fill” applications
• European pharmacopoeia and FDA approvals for direct contact
• Suitable for anti-static applications
• Liners allow outer containers to be re-used
• Allows gamma irradiation / sterilisation before / after filling

Manufacturing Facilities
We have the ability and resources to develop and produce, on a global basis, innovative design solutions for existing and new market sectors.

Manufacturing capabilities are based around hand and automated fabrication, producing flat, 3D and round bottom pouches, bags and liners with no limitation on size, shape and quantity, all available with very short lead times.

Our continued programme of investment and the adoption of flexible work patterns, mean that we have sufficient capacity and enhanced production capability to cope with the growing demands of our business and its customer base.

Aluminium Barrier Foils Typical Construction
Each layer serves a vital purpose – the outer layer is usually polyester which resists high temperature, has good mechanical strength, waterproofs the material and protects the aluminium layer.

There are, however, many possible variations to the laminate assembly to satisfy the customer’s technical and commercial requirements.

For more information, visit our website at or give us a call on 0161 976 2006.

With the establishment of our Group business, 3D Barrier Bags Inc. of Orlando Florida, we increased our global reach with manufacturing facilities on both sides of the Atlantic. To find out more about our overseas packaging solutions, visit or call us on +1 407 270 9822.

Protective Packaging Ltd, Dane Rd Industrial Est, Unit 4, Dane Rd, Sale, Cheshire, M33 7BH
tel: 0161 976 2006, email:, website:

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