Cutting the Fat from your Process

We all want to find a streamlined way to get rid of waste. No one wants to be weighed down by waste and since it can appear in numerous forms within production, eliminating it from a process entirely takes a trained eye. Rising food disposal costs, staffing, and the pressure to implement leaner operations have left many considering new solutions. Luckily, there are areas where processors can optimize performance to ensure an efficient, and effective process.
Calculating how much waste is being produced can be difficult, as waste is not just wasted product – it can manifest as associated time lost, downtime, disposal, time wasted troubleshooting, lower production causing late or lost orders. This means calculating waste cost is much more involved than we’d all like it to be. But in what ways can waste manifest in the Process and Packaging industry?

Eliminating Manual Handling & Reducing Risk
Food and waste is typically transferred throughout facilities via totes which are often handled manually. Containers are tipped, decanted into buckets, or scraped by hand to mix into a process, but with over 30% of Food and Drink industry injuries caused as a direct result of manual handling, there must be a better way…at least we hope so!

By utilizing mobile pumps to port between processes, for the handling of hot, cold, thin or viscous sauces, mixtures or ingredients across facilities, over 80% of time currently spent undertaking such processes can be saved. That’s right, over 80 percent! Staff can be utilized more effectively within processes, and with operators reducing the frequency in which they enter areas, cross contamination between processes can be limited or avoided.

Automating batching processes can also reduce machine set up times, ensuring manufacturing line speeds operate precisely at or close to their designed speeds rather than sub optimally.

Consistent Recipes
Inconsistencies in batches can often occur with recipes across shifts, or inadvertently if amounts being dispensed are calculated incorrectly.

With automated batching kits, consistent outcomes are delivered with mixtures batched according to weight or volume. Dispensed amounts are calculated according to Specific Gravity (SG) or viscosity of the fluid ensuring repeatability regardless of operator, temperature, and fluid characteristics.

Reducing Wastage
Pump systems which can extract up to 99.98% of containers contents whether it be a low viscosity high cost flavoring or high viscosity tomato puree ensure that little goes to waste. With less than 1% residue left within drums, annual savings can skyrocket when these systems are introduced.

Reducing Food Waste Volume
Waste food can be bulky. By crushing or processing its volume, waste disposal costs can be reduced or the waste can be reused within another process.

Reducing water content by thickening from 1% to 5% concentrated solids, reduces overall waste volume by up to 80%.

Since consistency and aggressiveness can vary, when selecting pumps for sludge, slurries or viscous products it is vital any pump selected is appropriate for the intended application. If the sludge is dry, contains large solids, or varies significantly premature wear can be experienced within units which can lead to frequent spare part replacements or downtime.

By working with a partner to design your process from the onset, pump selections can be made to ensure the correct pump technology is utilized for your application. Issues such as accelerated pump wear, premature pump failure, difficulty cleaning or reduced wastage is avoided. This is particularly true for partners who are not tied to a single pump technology enabling them to select what is most appropriate for your application. Place your trust in a partner that has your best interest in mind.

Pump and spare part lifespan can be improved, and where possible an estimate of annual cost, spare parts usage and cost over 5 years can be provided, ensuring complete peace of mind.

Whether it be an increase in productivity, elimination of manual handling, reduced wastage, improved cleaning time or ensuring consistency – we engineer your outcome – North Ridge Pumps.

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