De-ionisation Air Knives reduce costs and minimise rejects

Dust contamination is a huge problem in many areas of industry – especially where the product needs to be painted, decorated or laminated. Rectifying dust problems can have very large associated costs.

With operating cost savings of up to 70% and 50% greater efficiency compared to competitive solutions, Air Control Industries’ ‘De-ionisation Air Knives’ offer major benefits to users across industry. In addition, there is the resulting significant benefit of fewer rejects due to surface imperfections on finished products.ACI’s De-ionisation Air Knives are based upon the company’s standard units which are used for cleaning, cooling and drying operations, but have a powerful ionisation bar attached to ionise delivered air to neutralise static charges for more effective cleaning.

The blower (typically between 5.5 and 7.5kW power) produces a high volume of air which exits from the air knife in a fast laminar flow (i.e. 110m/sec) at a pressure of around 7 Bar.  This ensures particles such as swarf and dust are removed effectively with the electrostatic charge neutralised to prevent re-attraction.

De-ionisation Air Knives are also available in a range of standard lengths up to 3000mm but custom-engineered units can be supplied. All can be supplied as ‘EX’ units for hazardous environments. Additionally there is a complete range of accessories available including filters, pipework, flow valves, silencers, acoustic enclosures and remote monitoring systems.

ACI - De-ionisation air knives minimise static

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