Dry air for high quality, hygiene and productivity

By precisely controlling air humidity, Munters desiccant dehumidification systems optimise conditions in production, storage and transport for pharmaceutical process.

It is widely acknowledged that in many situations “prevention is better than cure”. This is no truer than when controlling humidity levels in pharmaceutical production, where excess moisture in the air can have a significant impact on productivity, quality and hygiene.

Munters desiccant dehumidification systems can be installed throughout the manufacturing process to accurately and consistently control humidity levels all year round. Here’s just a few of the many application areas that benefit:

Storage and Conveying

Correct moisture conditions mean powders flow smoothly and quickly through conveying lines. Preventing sticking inside silos reduces the need for cleaning, stops product waste and improves hygiene by preventing mould and bacterial growth.

Weighing, Mixing & Blending

Like storage and conveying, weighing, mixing and blending also benefit from dehumidification. Moisture sensitive materials won’t stick inside machinery, reducing maintenance and stoppages. Reducing humidity ensures precise dosing, perfect granulation and lowers product waste.

Spray Towers

In spray towers, desiccant dehumidification delivers dry air at dew points as low as -40C, enabling improved drying whilst using less energy (compared to traditional systems). Dehumidification shortens drying times without adding excess heat to sensitive materials. This prevents seasonal fluctuations in relative humidity levels, which are highest during summer months, ensuring year-round consistent conditions and increasing production by 15-20%.

Clean rooms & R&D

Precise humidity control ensures that moisture absorption by hygroscopic active ingredients is eliminated, and product stability remains intact. R&D departments ensure precise, large scale production performance with constant humidity and temperature control.

Cold Storage
In low temperatures, condensation quickly turns to fog, ice and snow. Ice build-up on floors and ceilings can damage refrigeration equipment and increase defrosts frequency. Munters IceDry™ can be installed inside cold stores (-25°C) to improve stop ice build-up and improve safety by preventing slippery floors.

As well as pharmaceutical production, Munters has decades of experience in industries including food, defense, data centres, museums, utilities, leisure, chemical and much more. Case studies available, contact us for details.

CONTACT: Sian Parker – Marketing Executive
T: 08708 505 202
E: dryair@munters.co.uk

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