Dec Group’s product portfolio offers a variety of possibilities in the powder handling industry

Dec Group is a leading global provider of powder handling and process containment systems providing innovative solutions worldwide for various industries where powder processing under strict and controlled conditions is essential. From raw material handling to final product packaging Dec Group is a global player throughout the overall production chain, offering complete solutions from feeding reactors to final production. From chemical to pharma applications, cosmetic and food or those using special materials such as applied in battery manufacturing processes or in the nuclear industry, Dec Group has developed customized solutions which fit to specific customer requirements.

With over 30 years of experience Dec Group has developed an extensive range of technologies for handling and transforming powders suitable for various types of industries in a safe and contained way, preventing dust explosion and product exposure to the operator and the environment. From accurate transferring and dosing powders from mg to tons, milling materials from mm to microns or achieving high mixing requirements, Dec Group has provided many innovative solutions for handling powder under contained, sterile or safe conditions without altering the product characteristics.

Dec’s key technologies comprise systems adapted and conceived over the years to reply to the specific demands presented by the powder handling industry. For example Dec Groups’ versatile and innovative PTS Powder Transfer System® uses both vacuum and pressure to move powders as if they were liquid. The system is a unique technology allowing the transfer of a large range of powders with different characteristics from very fine (less than 1 micron), cohesive to wet (above 50% wetness) and as well powder with very low MIE (< 1 mJ). The system is a significant enhancement to any process, providing total containment where necessary, but always speeding up production whilst improving safety and hygiene. Batch times can be substantially reduced and existing process steps can be linked to each other. More than 5000 PTS are in use worldwide for various applications from charging powders into reactors, discharging centrifuges and charging dryers to filling powder into silos, mixers or intermediate and final packaging, the system can be easily integrated in a process line eliminating the need of gravity and optimizing layout and increasing productivity.

Dec Group’s powder handling technologies offer reliable solutions in the field of transferring, bulk material handling, dosing/dispensing, sampling to high containment systems and fully integrated applications.

From their extensive expertise in the powder handling industry, Dec Group can provide a wide range of technical support to their customers for their specific process development and optimization. Dec Group also offers testing facilities to make sure to obtain the required results or to master scale-up challenges.

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