RK Rose+Krieger

RK Rose+Krieger have been manufacturing components for automation and machine building for over 40 years. Our extensive range of products in the fields of linear adjustment, profile technology, connecting and module technology are renowned and respected for their reliability and performance.

As a company we are always striving to look for new ways to advance our products. For example, we have recently introduced a new 100% corrosion resistant unit to our popular range of E type tubular linear units within our linear technology range of products.

These units available in sizes 30 and 40 have stainless steel trapezoidal threads which are self-locking and have an upgraded working temperature range of -30 to +80 degrees C. They can operate with FDA approved lubricants and are suitable for wash down areas making them ideal for height, width and length adjustment of packing machines in the food industry.

The end elements incorporate stainless steel ball bearings and have drain holes. The range of guide carriages made from 1.4308 grade stainless steel, have a guide bush as standard and additional stainless steel slot covers can be added to protect from dust or limit the stroke.

Within our range of connecting elements, we have our robust clamps. These are made from corrosion resistant 1.4308 grade stainless steel. They are extremely strong, vibration proof with good impact and shock loading.

Stainless steel clamps are particularly important for users working in the fields of chemical and food technology. The demand for stainless steel clamps is especially high for the bottling, packaging and processing technology as well as for outdoor appliances and equipment bearing thermal loads.

We work constantly and with great dedication on innovative products and solutions for our customers. The range of linear, lifting column, profile and connecting technology products include catalogue as well as tailor-made products, system solutions such as platforms, work stations and special projects. We are happy to advise you in choosing a product or to develop a tailor-made system solution with you from our extensive modular product range.

RK Rose+Krieger
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