Demanding position monitoring Kübler dual SSI display 575

The new dual SSI display 575 features two individually scalable encoder inputs, 2x SSI or SSI and TTL (A, /A, B, /B) for counting frequencies up to 1 MHz per channel (can also be used as a single-channel device). It also includes 4 freely programmable fast transistor outputs, each with an output current of 350 mA, which can be programmed as tracking presets. The many different output modes offer additional versatility, which reflects in an easy programming with four keys and programmable dual functions. The function codes depend on the operating mode selected. Its 4 different counting functions such as simple count, difference count, total count or separate displays make this device a multifunctional equipment. The type 575 moreover offers 5 measured values: display of counter 1 and 2, of the value calculated from counter 1 and 2, of the min./max. value.

One device caters for AC and DC power supplies; the dual SSI display 575 can be used both as a position display and as a preset counter with limit values.
About the display: the very bright 6 or 8-digit LED display (15/10 mm) ensures excellent legibility. The dual functions allow monitoring or calculating 2 values with respect to each other with a maximum resolution of 32 bits. The device also features 4 fast programmable inputs with various functions such as start delay, key lockout, display memory, reference input or switching between the display values. In addition, a RS232 interface for parameter setting and readout of values for higher-level controllers, as well as a scalable analog output 0/4 … 20 mA, +/-10 V or 0 … 10 V for processing the measured value is available as a standard.


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