Dividella’s new, innovative NeoTOP x packaging line is consistently targeted at the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry

Everything is in motion. In the past few years, there have been countless innovations in the area of IT, new materials and technologies. The machinery sector too is affected by this. The industry demands equipment which is highly versatile, in the context of a growing market and increasing segmentation. How can the efficiency of an installation (its OEE) be increased whilst taking into account all product specifications? Also, how can the quality of technical service be improved? In short, how can machines become faster, simpler and more user-friendly? The pharmaceutical industry, itself undergoing a fundamental change, demands fast but high-quality processes, which meet both legal and economic requirements, not to mention those of patients. The key driving forces of the market are clear: price pressure, compliance with statutory standards (GMP), versatile equipment, flexible technological production and packaging processes and intelligent logistics.


Reacting flexibly to market requirements – with packaging solutions that are geared to the future.

Dividella’s more than 30 years of experience in the development and production of packaging machines for pharmaceutical companies combines both a detailed knowledge of the market and an understanding of the value creation process of its customers. With this knowledge and the well-established, intelligent NeoTOP concept, Dividella provides solutions for the pharmaceutical market’s current and future requirements. The basic principle of the NeoTOP packaging lines is the modular system – automated and semi-automated modules are individually adapted to customers’ needs. This is done in many different ways. It means that the lines are ideal for packaging pharmaceutical products such as vials, syringes, injectors, auto-injectors, blisters and inhalers.  Thanks to the flexible packaging concept, an existing line can be adapted to new products in the course of its life cycle. In this way you protect your investment.


New, yet tried-and-tested by many customers – innovative features on the NeoTOP x.

In a spirit of proactive initiative, Dividella has now extended its NeoTop family with a new packaging line. The NeoTOP x or NTx offers even more flexibility and variety.  The new model fits in seamlessly with the existing product family, with its expandable and adaptable modules. Now customers have the option not only of adapting their packaging line to different box formats, but also of reacting quickly and flexibly to changing market requirements and packaging both individual products and multipacks (of up to 100 items). Possible pack sizes extend to 60 to 260 mm in length, 45 up to 200 mm in width, and 17 to 120 mm in height. The possibilities of feeding in different items have once again been expanded and offer additional advantages in terms of flexibility. Format changes can be carried out without tools and in less than 20 minutes, using format parts that are lighter, more compact and more durable than ever before. Production capacity is 30-50 packs per minute.

The flutes can be inserted crosswise as an option, and the maximum number of flutes has been increased to 6. This allows even greater flexibility for the packaging solution and product protection.
The flutes – as with earlier NeoTOP solutions – are glued in place during the packaging process.  The NT x is equipped with the latest automation system. To make the machine even more user-friendly, the HMI has been equipped with an intuitive, graphical user interface.

An optional module can print the flat cardboard blank, attach labels in any position and apply Braille text before the blanks is passed inline to the erecting module. (White Line Technology)

Many new features of the NT x aim to increase the number of products in a pack and at the same time to reduce the volume of packaging. This is a decisive cost argument for all pharmaceutical products which require cold-chain distribution. In addition, a high level of protection of the valuable products from breakage and other effects is provided – independently of the means of transport. Looking at overall costs, this leads to the lowest TCP (total cost of package).

Dividella is presenting the new NeoTOP x for the first time at Interpack 2014 in Düsseldorf. We invite all interested persons to come along to our stand and be convinced of the advantages of the NT x. Enjoy the live experience and see how quickly and easily format changes can be carried out

At a glance:

–       An enhanced, flexible and modular platform can be configured for a wide variety of cardboard packaging

–       Extensive feeding solutions for syringes, vials, pens, injectors, inhalers, needles, blisters and sachets

–       Wide format enables packaging of single units up to multiple packs on one machine

–       Quick format change, requiring no tools, in less than 20 minutes

–       Highest performance for a low TCO (total cost of ownership)

–       Dividella’s digital handwheels with position feedback for easy format changes, high process reliability and fully automated option

–       HMI with intuitive graphical user interface – the latest generation of automation system

–       Small, easy to handle format parts





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Caption: CompactPen            Caption: DispenserBox          Caption: FlightSafe     Caption: LeafleX

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NeoTOP x: Variable formats and box sizes for the greatest possible flexibility.

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