The DosiValve has been especially designed to avoid typical flow and accuracy problems when using standard rotating or vibration valves as it allows for precise dosing even when handling difficult products. The DosiValve works, either through gravity charging for normal charging and discharging applications (drums, big bags, containers, silo, hoppers, etc.) or active powder charging, in combination with the PTS – Powder Transfer System* for longer distances in a safe and contained manner. The pneumatically actuated piston opens and closes according to set parameters. By varying the frequency of opening and travel of the piston, the speed, weight and precision are controlled.

Highly accurate dosing can be achieved (+/- 1 g). With the optional integrated fluidization cone, even difficult products such as sticky or wet powders can be easily controlled.

The absence of rotating parts allows for easy cleaning and sterilization (CIP/SIP). The DosiValve is a cost-effective, efficient and flexible dosing system which is easily integrated into any process.


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