EA Technology unveils new system to identify partial discharge in live cables

CableData Collector™ supplies intelligence without disrupting supply

An innovative new piece of equipment to detect Partial Discharge (PD) in live electrical cables before they fail has been unveiled by power engineering specialist EA Technology. Developed by the North West-based firm, the CableData Collector™ will enable electrical engineers to identify PD in cables that are online, avoiding potential disruption.

The pioneering new equipment can identify potential issues in most types of insulated cables up to several miles by detecting high frequency pulses generated by PD events within the cable.

Portable, robust and lightweight, the CableData Collector™ detects and records PD activity. Through CableData Analysis Studio™ software, a report can be produced to assess the condition of cables and the likelihood of failure and outages in power lines.

Siôn Hughes, Development Engineer at EA Technology, said: “For Network Operators, it is of the utmost importance to keep any power outages on their network to an absolute minimum; with the introduction of the CableData Collector™, testing for PD in cables becomes far easier and more cost efficient.

“PD can be a major factor in substation failures and is caused by a number of cable defects, including insulation deterioration, faulty joints, poor terminations and mechanical damage. Detecting PD early can help achieve major savings for Network Operators by enabling them to make more informed decisions about managing their assets, whether through replacement or smarter maintenance.

“The CableData Collector™ provides a solution to the damaging potential issue of power outage resulting from PD and is a non-intrusive and low-cost way to maintain assets.”Cable Data Collector 2 small

The CableData Collector™ is able to record PD activity through the use of the CableData Analysis Studio™. Sold separately, the software produces reports showing the severity of PD activity and supplies information on the condition of assets on which to base failure risk assessment and decisions on remedial action or replacement.

 To find out more about the CableData Collector™ or to watch the video, visit http://www.eatechnology.com/instruments/partial-discharge-instruments/cabledatacollector

 To find out more about the causes and effects of PD on electrical assets, visit http://www.eatechnology.com/partial-discharge

About EA Technology

EA Technology is a global independent provider of end-to-end power engineering solutions, supporting customers in managing and operating electrical assets more efficiently, reliably and safely at lower cost.

 Established as the UK Electricity Industry’s Research Centre in the 1960s and now employee-owned, EA Technology is recognised as a world-leading expert in its field, working collaboratively with partners across the energy, utilities, infrastructure and associated sectors.

 Headquartered in the North West of England, EA Technology provides innovative instruments, skills training, technical services and expert consultancy designed to help customers maximise existing asset performance, enhancing power engineering at all stages of the asset lifecycle, and developing ground-breaking, sustainable solutions for the energy networks of tomorrow.

EA Technology: Empowering Together – innovate, solve and inspire.

For more information, visit http://www.eatechnology.com

For further information on this story, please contact Lee Cullen or Sophie Everett from EA Technology’s PR team. Telephone 01244 320677 or email either lee@thinkdewinter.co.uk or sophie@thinkdewinter.co.uk.

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