Rugged Tablet Computers for Factory Control and Monitoring

Captec’s range of lightweight rugged tablets overcome the fragility of consumer tablets in an industrial environment. These rugged hand held units are ideally suited to process control applications, enabling the user to access information and perform control functions quickly and easily from anywhere in the factory or plant.


Wireless connectivity enables quick and secure connection to your SCADA or process control and monitoring system. Depending on access rights, the user can either monitor information, trends and alarms from around the plant or perform control operations quickly and easily without the need to return to the control room or individual equipment.

Whilst consumer type tablets are able to perform these tasks adequately, they are not designed to withstand the rigours on daily use in an industrial environment and frequently suffer damage, cracked cases or broken power connectors, making them quickly inoperable.

Captec’s rugged tablets, however, are designed for this tough environment;

  • Protected against accidental damage – Designed and tested to withstand the rigours of everyday industrial use, drops and mishandling
  • Protected against the elements – Stay operational whatever the conditions, wet, dusty, hot, cold or bright sunshine
  • Work all day without recharging – Exceptional battery life keeps you mobile all day without the need to plug in
  • Rugged but lightweight – Under 25mm thick and weighing less than one kilogram.

Find out more about how our rugged tablets can help keep you informed and in control anywhere.


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